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descriptionUtility to run a regtest lnd process connected to a given bitcoind instance, useful in integration testing environment.



# Lnd > Mostly a copy of [`electrsd`](https://github.com/RCasatta/electrsd) & [`bitcoind`](https://github.com/rust-bitcoin/bitcoind) fit for LND. Utility to run a regtest [LND](https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd) process connected to a given [bitcoind](https://github.com/RCasatta/bitcoind) instance, useful in integration testing environment. ```rust // Returns the ZMQ ports because it is needed for the LND nodes let (bitcoind, pub_raw_block_port, pub_raw_tx_port) = lnd::setup_bitcoind(); // Pass the binary path, bitcoind, and ZMQ ports let mut lnd = lnd::Lnd::new("/bin/lnd", &bitcoind, pub_raw_block_port, pub_raw_tx_port); let node = lnd.client.lightning().get_info(GetInfoRequest {}).await; assert!(node.is_ok()); ``` ## Automatic binaries download In your project Cargo.toml, activate the following features ```yml lnd = { git = "https://github.com/bennyhodl/lnd-test-util" } ``` Then use it: ```rust let bitcoind_exe = bitcoind::downloaded_exe_path().expect("bitcoind version feature must be enabled"); let bitcoind = bitcoind::BitcoinD::new(bitcoind_exe).unwrap(); let lnd_exe = lnd::downloaded_exe_path().expect("lnd version feature must be enabled"); let lnd = lnd::Lnd::new(lnd_exe, bitcoind).unwrap(); ``` When the `LND_DOWNLOAD_ENDPOINT`/`BITCOIND_DOWNLOAD_ENDPOINT` environment variables are set, `lnd`/`bitcoind` will try to download the binaries from the given endpoints. When you don't use the auto-download feature you have the following options: - have `lnd` executable in the `PATH` - provide the `lnd` executable via the `LND_EXEC` env var ```rust if let Ok(exe_path) = lnd::exe_path() { let lnd = lnd::Lnd::new(exe_path, &bitcoind, pub_raw_block_port, pub_raw_tx_port).unwrap(); } ``` ## Features * lnd use a temporary directory as db dir * A free port is asked to the OS (a very low probability race condition is still possible) * The process is killed when the struct goes out of scope no matter how the test finishes Thanks to these features every `#[test]` could easily run isolated with its own environment
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