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descriptionLyr's Static Site Generator Library
Lyr (Lyr-7D1h)




Lyr's Static Site Generator

The idea is to generate static html, css, js files based on custom markdown format.

This uses a custom markdown parser which will not necessarly follow official specifications. I'm making it to the point that it is usable for me, PR's are welcome! See LMarkdown down for more information.


Install binary

git clone
cd lssg
cargo install --path .

Generate static files


This is how you would generate lyrx from its content

cd examples/lyrx
lssg ./content/ ./build

You can also use links to markdown to generate content

lssg ./build

[!NOTE] Any links from the input markdown file to other markdown files have to be contained within the parent folder of your input markdown file

LMarkdown (Lyr's Markdown)

LMarkdown tries to follow Commonmark markdown specifications although deviating wherever it makes sense to make page renderning easier.

Structure of a lmarkdown file:



title="This is the html title"
    The first comment on a page is seen as module configuration and is parsed as toml 
    it has the following format:


# Just some header in file

<!-- All HTML comments are ignore in output -->

<!-- The following will generate `http://{root}/test` url based on the markdown file -->

[Check out my other page](./

<!-- So this in html will turn into `<a href="./test">Check out my other page</a>` -->


In short this is what happens when executing LSSG

Given index markdown file path
Sitetree: Recursively find links to resources in parsed pages and stylesheets (stylesheets, fonts, icons, other pages)
Sitetree: Add these resources as nodes into Sitetree
Go through all nodes in tree
if resources 
    Copy resource
if page => use modular HtmlRenderer to turn lmarkdown tokens into html, and write to file
    HtmlRenderer: Create Domtree 
    HtmlRenderer: Delecate modification of Domtree to modules based on LMarkdown Tokens
    BlogModule: Render Token if applicable
    DefaultModule: Fallback rendering of Token, it should render every kind of Token


  • Make text more readable like Medium (
  • Add html! macro for converting html to rust on compile time
  • Make default options root of Attributes (don't require [default] block)
  • Add recovery and logging instead of panicking
    • panic on broken link
  • Download and install links to external resources (fonts, css, enc.)
  • Make importing pages from notion easier
  • Don't load all files into memory, might cause issues for large resource files or big sites
  • Code support
  • Add file minification for css
  • Custom styling support
  • Documentation module

Known bugs

- references to root don't work

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