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descriptionImplementation of (a part of) map projections defined in the FITS World Coordinate System (WCS)
Fran├žois-Xavier Pineau (fxpineau)




Implementation of (a part of) map projections defined in the FITS World Coordinate System (WCS).

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Mainly to add projections and to support the display of FITS images in Aladin Lite V3.


This library:

  • does not support FITS reading/parsing and keywords analysis;

  • is still in an early stage (see To Do List) and will evolve when included in Aladin Lite V3.


Contrary to the WCS paper, and following a previous work by F. Ochsenbein, we use the vernal point (1, 0, 0) as default projection center/origin. For zenithal projections, we thus project on the yz-plane using the euclidean coordinates instead of the equatorial coordinates. Changing the projection center corresponds to a simple 3x3 matrix multiplication of the euclidean coordinates.

This work has been first done internally in 2017 (still by F.-X. Pineau), in Java, to support more projections in Aladin Desktop (not released yet, not public yet). F. Ochsenbein previously implemented TAN, STG, SIN, ZEA, ARC, AIT, SFL, MER and CEA (for lambda=1, i.e. Lambert's projection) in its AstroCoo library.


Given the following FITS cards:

CTYPE1  = 'RA---SIN'                                               
CTYPE2  = 'DEC--SIN'                            
CRPIX1  =      382.00001513958 / reference pixel in X coordinate  
CRPIX2  =     389.500015437603 / reference pixel in Y coordinate       
CRVAL1  =        183.914583333 / RA of reference position (degrees)        
CRVAL2  =              36.3275 / DEC of reference position (degrees)      
WCSDIM  =                    2                            
CD1_1   =  -2.7777777349544E-4                                  
CD2_2   =  2.77777773495436E-4                                                                               
CDELT1  =  -2.7777777349544E-4 / Redundancy with CD1_1, we ignore it      
CDELT2  =  2.77777773495436E-4 / Redundancy with CD2_2, we ignore it
// Imports
use mapproj::{
   CenteredProjection, ImgXY, LonLat

// Define constants
let crpix1 =  382.00001513958_f64;
let crpix2 = 389.500015437603_f64;

let crval1 = 183.914583333_f64;
let crval2 = 36.3275_f64;

let cd11 = -2.7777777349544e-4_f64;
let cd22 =  2.77777773495436e-4_f64;

// Set the projection
let mut proj = CenteredProjection::new(Sin::default());
let proj_center = LonLat::new(crval1.to_radians(), crval2.to_radians());
let img2proj = ImgXY2ProjXY::from_cd(crpix1, crpix2, cd11, 0.0, 0.0, cd22);
let img2lonlat = Img2Celestial::new(img2proj, proj);
// We could have set the projection center here instead of previously:
//   img2lonlat.set_proj_center_from_lonlat(proj_center);

// Use to project, unproject coordinates:
// - we choose on purpose position in the image of the projection center 
let img_coo_input = ImgXY::new(382.00001513958, 389.500015437603);
let lonlat = img2lonlat.img2lonlat(&img_coo_input).unwrap();
assert!((lonlat.lon() - proj_center.lon()).abs() < 1e-14);
assert!(( - < 1e-14);
let img_coo_input = img2lonlat.lonlat2img(&lonlat).unwrap();
assert!((img_coo_input.x() - img_coo_input.x()).abs() < 1e-14);
assert!((img_coo_input.y() - img_coo_input.y()).abs() < 1e-14);

To Do list

  • Add conic projections (COD, COE, COO, COP)

  • Add cylindrical projections (CAR, CEA, CYP, MER)

  • Add hybrid projection (HPX)

  • Add pseudo cylindrical projections (AIT, MOL, PAR, SFL)

  • Add zenithal projections (AIR, ARC, AZP, FEYE, NCP, SIN, STG, SZP, TAN, ZEA, ZPN)

  • Add polyconic and pseudoconic projections (BON, PCO)?

  • Add quad cube projections (TSC, CSC, QSC)?

  • Add bounds to each projection

  • Make individual implementations of is_in_proj_bounds to avoid useless computations (but will introduce redundancy with unproj)

  • Check and possibly document constants to be added to match WCS projection bounds

  • Support CRPIX + CD convention

  • Support CRPIX + PC + CDELT convention

  • Support CRPIX + CROTA + CDELT convention

  • Add support for LONPOLE?

  • Test and complete SIP

  • Add to git the pdf document containing computational details

  • Check, fix typo, enrich the pdf document containing computational details

  • Add generation of projection files and plots (like in the Java lib)


Like most projects in Rust, this project is licensed under either of

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in this project by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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