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descriptionA toolkit for building Tauri Plugins that enables type-safe IPC through GraphQL.
Dirk Tony (tonymushah)



# Mizuki [![Crates.io][crates-badge]][crates-url] [![Documentation][docs-badge]][docs-url] [![MIT licensed][mit-badge]][mit-url] [crates-badge]: https://img.shields.io/crates/v/mizuki.svg [crates-url]: https://crates.io/crates/mizuki [docs-badge]: https://img.shields.io/docsrs/mizuki.svg [docs-url]: https://docs.rs/mizuki [mit-badge]: https://img.shields.io/badge/license-MIT-blue.svg [mit-url]: LICENSE A toolkit for building Tauri plugins that enables type-safe IPC through GraphQL. ## Notice This project is a fork from [JonasKruckenberg/tauri-plugin-graphql][initial-repo]. But I thought that it would be a great a idea to push the plugin futher and create a toolkit for building GraphQL Tauri Plugins. ## Install ### Rust ```toml [dependencies] mizuki = "0.2.0" ``` ### JavaScript The only client-side adapter currently is `@mizuki/urql`, a custom exchange for [`urql`]. If you need adapters for other GraphQL clients, open a PR! | Package | Version (click for changelogs) | |-------------------------------|--------------------------------| | [`mizuki-urql-adapter`] | [![urql adapter version][urql-adapter-version-badge]][urql-adapter-url] ## Usage You need to register the plugin giving it a [`async_graphql::Schema`]. This schema will be used to fulfill requests. ```rust use async_graphql::{Schema, Object, EmptySubscription, EmptyMutation, Result as GraphQLResult, SimpleObject}; #[derive(SimpleObject, Debug, Clone)] struct ListItem { id: i32, text: String } impl ListItem { pub fn new(text: String) -> Self { Self { id: rand::random::(), text } } } struct Query; #[Object] impl Query { async fn list(&self) -> GraphQLResult> { let item = vec![ ListItem::new("foo".to_string()), ListItem::new("bar".to_string()) ]; Ok(item) } } fn init_plugin() -> mizuki::MizukiPlugin { mizuki::Builder::new("todo-plugin", Schema::new( Query, EmptyMutation, EmptySubscription, )).build() } fn main() { tauri::Builder::default() // The plugin name is required .plugin(init_plugin()) .run(tauri::generate_context!()) .expect("failed to run app"); } ``` ## Contributing If you want to help out, there are a few areas that need improvement: - **Client Adapters** - Currently, only a urql adapter exists; having adapters for more client libraries would be very nice. PRs are welcome! ## License [MIT © Tony Mushah](./LICENSE) [`mizuki-urql-adapter`]: packages/urql [urql-adapter-version-badge]: https://img.shields.io/npm/v/mizuki-urql-adapter?label=%20 [urql-adapter-url]: https://www.npmjs.com/package/mizuki-urql-adapter [`urql`]: https://formidable.com/open-source/urql/ [`async_graphql::Schema`]: https://docs.rs/async-graphql/latest/async_graphql/struct.Schema.html [initial-repo]: https://github.com/JonasKruckenberg/tauri-plugin-graphql
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