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descriptionA backend-agnostic extension for HTTP libraries that provides support for POST multipart/form-data requests on both client and server.
Richard Bradfield



# Multipart 2021 [![On](]( Client- and server-side abstractions for HTTP file uploads (POST requests with `Content-Type: multipart/form-data`). Supports several different (**sync**hronous API) HTTP crates. **Async**hronous (i.e. `futures`-based) API support will be provided by [multipart-async]. ## About the fork `multipart-2021` is a fork of [the original]( which has now been archived. The fork only updates the library to support Rust 2018 and 2021 edition changes, no changes or improvements to the API are intended. You can rebind your import of `multipart-2021` so that all the examples continue to work as normal: ```rust use multipart_2021 as multipart; ``` ##### Minimum supported Rust version: 1.56.0 ##### Maintenance Status: Archived As the web ecosystem in Rust moves towards asynchronous APIs, the need for this crate in synchronous API form becomes dubious. This crate in its current form is usable enough, so as of June 2020 it is now in passive maintenance mode; bug reports will be addressed as time permits and PRs will be accepted but otherwise no new development of the existing API is taking place. Look for a release of [multipart-async] soon which targets newer releases of Hyper. ### [Documentation]( ## Integrations Example files demonstrating how to use `multipart` with these crates are available under [`examples/`](examples). ### [Hyper ![](]( via the `hyper` feature (enabled by default). **Note: Hyper 0.9, 0.10 (synchronous API) only**; support for asynchronous APIs will be provided by [multipart-async]. Client integration includes support for regular `hyper::client::Request` objects via `multipart::client::Multipart`, as well as integration with the new `hyper::Client` API via `multipart::client::lazy::Multipart` (new in 0.5). Server integration for `hyper::server::Request` via `multipart::server::Multipart`. ### [Iron ![](]( via the `iron` feature. Provides regular server-side integration with `iron::Request` via `multipart::server::Multipart`, as well as a convenient `BeforeMiddleware` implementation in `multipart::server::iron::Intercept`. ### [Nickel ![](]( returning to `multipart` in 0.14! via the `nickel` feature. Provides server-side integration with `&mut nickel::Request` via `multipart::server::Multipart`. ### [tiny_http ![](]( via the `tiny_http` feature. Provides server-side integration with `tiny_http::Request` via `multipart::server::Multipart`. ### [Rocket ![](]( Direct integration is not provided as the Rocket folks seem to want to handle `multipart/form-data` behind the scenes which would supercede any integration with `multipart`. However, an example is available showing how to use `multipart` on a Rocket server: [examples/](examples/ ## ⚡ Powered By ⚡ ### [buf_redux ![](]( Customizable drop-in `std::io::BufReader` replacement, created to be used in this crate. Needed because it can read more bytes into the buffer without the buffer being empty, necessary when a boundary falls across two reads. (It was easier to author a new crate than try to get this added to `std::io::BufReader`.) ### [httparse ![](]( Fast, zero-copy HTTP header parsing, used to read field headers in `multipart/form-data` request bodies. ### [twoway ![](]( Fast string and byte-string search. Used to find boundaries in the request body. Uses SIMD acceleration when possible. ## License Licensed under either of * Apache License, Version 2.0, ([LICENSE-APACHE](LICENSE-APACHE) or * MIT license ([LICENSE-MIT](LICENSE-MIT) or at your option. ## Contribution Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions. [multipart-async]:
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