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descriptionBitcoin, Lightning and RGB wallet; part of MyCitadel software suite.
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky (dr-orlovsky)



# MyCitadel Desktop ## Bitcoin, Lightning and RGB wallet ![Banner](data/banner.jpg) MyCitadel is a wallet for **bitcoin, digital assets and bitcoin finance (#BiFi) smart contracts**. It is blazingly fast, secure, cross-platform and technically most advanced wallet on the market, being the first wallet allowing taproot multisig and locktime-based spending conditions. Do a reliable hodling (with inheritance options), corporate/organization, & current accounts - or instant Lightning payments. Work with single- and multisig setups, based on hardware, air gapped, cold and server-side hot key storage, involving arbitrary complex time-lock scripts (with miniscript) and wide interoperability (because of use of wallet descriptors). ![](data/screenshots/linux/history.png) MyCitadelâ„¢ is a suite of software, hardware and Internet services focused on digital individual sovereignty and privacy. It includes mobile & desktop cross-platform wallets, web-of-trust contact & identity management app, end-to-end encrypted chat app, command-line tools, wallet runtime library and server-side node, which can be self-hosted, run on MyCitadel Box at home or in private MyCitadel cloud. The application is written with rust programming language, GTK+ framework and set of bitcoin & lightning rust libraries developed by LNP/BP Standards Association, including client-side-validation, descriptor wallet, BP, LNP and RGB libraries. MyCitadel node also contains embedded LNP & RGB Nodes provided by the Association. # Key features ## Support of Taproot multisigs ![](data/screenshots/linux/launcher.png) Taproot-enabled from day one, including multisig- and script-based taproot. ## Air gapped, hardware and watch-only wallets ![](data/screenshots/linux/signers.png) ## Arbitrary complex spending conditions ![](data/screenshots/linux/conditions.png) ## Wallet descriptors ![](data/screenshots/linux/descriptor.png) ## Batched payments ![](data/screenshots/linux/pay.png) ## Wallet-independent PSBT signer ![](data/screenshots/linux/psbt.png) # Installation Please refer to the [INSTALL] document. # License This application is free software and distributed without any warranty under AGPL-3.0 License. (C) 2022-23 Pandora Prime SA, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Some rights are reserved; for details please read the license agreement. For business, partnership and other enquiries please write to . [INSTALL]:
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