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descriptionBitcoin II, Lightning and RGB wallet; part of MyCitadel software suite.



MyCitadel Desktop

Bitcoin, Lightning and RGB wallet


MyCitadel is a wallet for bitcoin, digital assets and bitcoin finance (#BiFi) smart contracts. It is blazingly fast, secure, cross-platform and technically most advanced wallet on the market, being the first wallet allowing taproot multisig and locktime-based spending conditions.

Do a reliable hodling (with inheritance options), corporate/organization, & current accounts - or instant Lightning payments. Work with single- and multisig setups, based on hardware, air-gaped, cold and server-side hot key storage, involving arbitrary complex time-lock scripts (with miniscript) and wide interoperability (because of use of wallet descriptors).

MyCitadelâ„¢ is a suite of software, hardware and Internet services focused on digital individual sovereignty and privacy. It includes mobile & desktop cross-platform wallets, web-of-trust contact & identity management app, end-to-end encrypted chat app, command-line tools, wallet runtime library and server-side node, which can be self-hosted, run on MyCitadel Box at home or in private MyCitadel cloud.

The application is written with rust programming language, GTK+ framework and set of bitcoin & lightning rust libraries developed by LNP/BP Standards Association, including client-side-validation, descriptor wallet, BP, LNP and RGB libraries. MyCitadel node also contains embedded LNP & RGB Nodes provided by the Association.

Key features

Support of Taproot multisigs

Taproot-enabled from day one, including multisig- and script-based taproot.

Airgaped, hardware and watch-only wallets

Arbitrary complex spending conditions

Wallet descriptors

Batched payments

Wallet-independent PSBT signer


First, you need to install prerequisites. This operation should be done only once and OS-specific.

  • For Debian Linux, please do

    $ sudo apt update
    $ sudo apt install -y cargo libssl-dev pkg-config g++ cmake libgtk-3-dev \
      libusb-1.0-0-dev libudev-dev python3-dev
  • For Mac OS, please do

    $ brew install gtk+3 libadwaita adwaita-icon-theme libusb
  • For Windows, you need to install Visual Studio C tools and MSYSY2-based GTK. To do so please follow instructions at

If you plan to work with hardware wallets it is required to get hwi application installed and working (this is an interface to hardware wallets):

$ pip3 install hwi ecdsa hidapi libusb1 mnemonic pbkdf2 pyaes typing-extensions

Compiling from sources

Compilation from sources requires rust language installed. This can be done as described on

After that you can compile the latest release with this command:

$ cargo install mycitadel-desktop --locked

Finally, run the wallet by typing in

$ mycitadel


This application is free software and distributed without any warranty under AGPL-3.0 License.

(C) 2022 Pandora Prime SA, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Some rights are reserved; for details please read the license agreement.

For business, partnership and other enquiries please write to

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