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descriptionThe Self-Sufficient Hybrid-Cloud Orchestrator Daemon
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Unleash Your Infrastructure

The Hybrid Cloud Orchestrator

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Nanocl is the next-generation container and virtual machine orchestrator that helps you manage your containers and virtual machines across multiple hosts with ease.
With Nanocl, you can share resources in a highly efficient manner, deploy your applications, services, and databases publicly, privately, or under a VPN, and unleash your infrastructure, whether you are in a home lab setup or a large enterprise.
Its cutting-edge technology crafted with precision using Rust, provides the best performance and the smallest footprint.

Key Benefits

  • Manage your infrastructure and scale it according to your needs
  • Isolate your services using namespaces and networks for improved security
  • Build an entire CI/CD pipeline, from tests to high-availability production
  • Significantly reduce the delay between writing code and shipping it to production
  • Easy deployment and management
  • Get peace of mind with logs, zero downtime with automatic fail-over and automatic backups
  • Enjoy history tracking of your container and virtual machine configuration
  • Revert configuration as quickly as pressing a button
  • Best ideas and practices from the community

High Performance, Scallability and Security

With Nanocl, you can be sure that your infrastructure is scalable and secure.
Tailor made with Rust, Nanocl has the best performance and the smallest footprint.
Using CockroachDB as a store, ensuring high performance and scalability.
It uses the best ideas and practices from the community to provide high performance and security for your infrastructure.
Built-in TLS and VPN, Nanocl ensures that your infrastructure is always secure, using the best security practices.
With logs, auto fail-over, automatic backups, and zero downtime, you can sleep while Nanocl takes care of your infrastructure.

Getting Started

To get started with Nanocl, please refer to the installation guide and documentation. If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our community for support. You may also want to take a look at our tutorial

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