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descriptionWrapper of `nix shell` that reads a lockfiles to get the nixpkgs revision to use when sourcing packages to install in transient shell
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# Nix Shell Locked [![Latest Version](]( `nix-shell-locked` is a program which starts a new shell with some specified packages available without installing them user or system wide. Packages are installed from a revision of [nixpkgs]( taken from a `flake.lock` file associated with a system or home-manager config. Reads a config file at `~/.config/nix-shell-locked.toml` to find out which flake lockfile to look in to determine the nixpkgs revision to use. ```toml # ~/.config/nix-shell-locked.toml flake_lockfile = "/path/to/config/repo/flake.lock" ``` This is intended as a replacement for `nix-shell` in cases where flakes is used to manage either a NixOS system configuration or home-manager. The problem with `nix-shell` is that it uses the nixpkgs channel which can get out sync with the version of nixpkgs in a flake-managed system or home-manager config which can lead to runtime errors. ## Quick Example ```bash # initially `cowsay` is not installed $ cowsay bash: cowsay: command not found # enter a new shell with cowsay available $ nix-shell-locked cowsay # now `cowsay` is installed (but only in this shell session) $ cowsay "Hello, World!" _______________ < Hello, World! > --------------- \ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || || # leave the shell session $ exit exit # now `cowsay` is once again unavailable $ cowsay bash: cowsay: command not found ``` ## Installation ### Install flake in nix profile ``` $ nix profile install github:gridbugs/nix-shell-locked ``` ### Install with cargo ``` $ cargo install nix-shell-locked ``` ### Install with flakes-based home-manager See an example configuration [here]( ## Usage ``` $ nix-shell-locked --help Usage: nix-shell-locked [OPTIONS] [PACKAGES ...] -- [ARGS ...] Start a transient shell with some specified packages installed. Packages are installed from the nixpkgs repo matching the revision from a flake.lock file. Intended to be used to temporarily test out packages without committing to installing them, and to guarantee that the packages are compatible with system-wide or home-manager configs managed with flakes. Configure with a file ~/.config/nix-shell-locked.toml, e.g.: flake_lockfile = "/path/to/flake.lock" Read more at Args: [PACKAGES ...] list of packages to install in shell Options: [--dry-run] print the command that would be executed instead of executing it [-c, --config PATH] path to config file to use (defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nix-shell-locked.toml) [-l, --lockfile PATH] path to flake lockfile to use when determining nixpkgs revision [-h, --help] print help message [-v, --version] print version information Extra Args: [ARGS ...] Additional arguments to pass to `nix shell` ``` ## Detailed Example I use flakes to manage both my NixOS system configuration and home-manager. I want to try out the gameboy emulator "sameboy" but I don't want to commit to installing it system-wide or adding it to my home-manager config, so I install it in a transient shell with: ``` $ nix-shell -p sameboy ``` When I try to run it: ``` $ sameboy SameBoy v0.15.8 Couldn't find matching GLX visual ``` This looks like a version mismatch between a graphics library and sameboy. Graphics libraries are configured in the system-wide configuration which I manage with flakes which I update regularly. Since I use flakes for almost everything now I neglect to keep my channels up to date, so this version of sameboy is likely quite old. Ideally there would be a way to install sameboy in a transient shell where the version of sameboy comes from the same nixpkgs revision as the system-wide configuration, and there is. My system config has a flake.lock file with a section: ```js // /path/to/config/repo/flake.lock { "nodes": { "nixpkgs": { "locked": { "lastModified": 1682268651, "narHash": "sha256-2eZriMhnD24Pmb8ideZWZDiXaAVe6LzJrHQiNPck+Lk=", "owner": "nixos", "repo": "nixpkgs", "rev": "e78d25df6f1036b3fa76750ed4603dd9d5fe90fc", "type": "github" }, ``` Note the revision `e78d25df6f1036b3fa76750ed4603dd9d5fe90fc`. We can make a transient shell with sameboy installed from this revision with: ``` $ nix shell nixpkgs/e78d25df6f1036b3fa76750ed4603dd9d5fe90fc#sameboy --command sameboy ``` This downloads and runs sameboy, taking a version that is compatible with the system-wide graphics library installation. This works but it's cumbersome. The `nix-shell-locked` command automates the above process. Make a config file `~/.config/nix-shell-locked.toml` to tell `nix-shell-locked` where to look for the `flake.lock` file to use to obtain the current revision hash. ```toml # ~/.config/nix-shell-locked.toml flake_lockfile = "/path/to/config/repo/flake.lock" ``` Now you can start a transient shell with the correct version of sameboy by running: ``` $ nix-shell-locked sameboy ``` Behind the scenes this is just running `nix shell ...` and all arguments after the first `--` are passed along to `nix shell`, so you can do: ``` $ nix-shell-locked sameboy -- --command sameboy --help SameBoy v0.15.8 Usage: sameboy [--fullscreen|-f] [--nogl] [--stop-debugger|-s] [rom] ``` You can pass multiple packages to `nix-shell-locked` to get a shell with all packages available: ``` $ nix-shell-locked ksh hello cowsay -- --command ksh -c "hello | cowsay -f tux" _______________ < Hello, world! > --------------- \ \ .--. |o_o | |:_/ | // \ \ (| | ) /'\_ _/`\ \___)=(___/ ```
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