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descriptionA nushell plugin for syntax highlighting
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A nushell plugin for syntax highlighting.

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nu-plugin-highlight is a plugin for Nushell that provides syntax highlighting for source code. It uses the syntect library for syntax highlighting and the bat library for easy access to its ready-to-use assets.


The highlight command can be used for syntax highlighting source code. Here are a few examples:

# Highlight a TOML file by its file extension
open Cargo.toml -r | highlight toml

# Highlight a Rust file by programming language name
open src/ | highlight Rust

# Highlight a bash script by inferring the language (the file should start with a shebang)
open | highlight

# Highlight a TOML file with a different theme
open Cargo.toml -r | highlight toml -t ansi

# List all available themes
highlight --list-themes


  • language <string>: This is an optional parameter that can be used to specify the language or file extension to aid language detection.


  • -h, --help: Display the help message for the highlight command.

  • -t, --theme <string>: The theme used for highlighting.

  • --list-themes: List all possible themes.


The plugin can be configured using the $env.config.plugin.highlight variable.

[!IMPORTANT] The environment variables NU_PLUGIN_HIGHLIGHT_TRUE_COLORS and NU_PLUGIN_HIGHLIGHT_THEME are currently still supported but considered deprecated.

Start using $env.config.plugin.highlight.


Enable or disable true colors (24-bit). By default, this is enabled.

$env.config.plugin.highlight.true_colors = true


Set a theme to use. The default theme depends on the operating system. Use highlight --list-themes | where default == true to see your default theme. Setting this environment variable should allow highlight --list-themes | where id == $env.config.plugin.highlight.theme to result in a single row with your selected theme. If you get no results, you have set an invalid theme.

$env.config.plugin.highlight.theme = ansi

Plugin Installation

Installing and registering the nu-plugin-highlight is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the plugin from using cargo:

    cargo install nu_plugin_highlight
  2. Restart your terminal session to ensure the newly installed plugin is recognized.

  3. Find path of your installation:

    which nu_plugin_highlight
  4. Register the plugin with Nushell:

    If you are using a version lower than 0.93.0, use register instead of plugin add.

    plugin add path/to/the/plugin/binary
  5. Make the plugin available for use:

    Tip: You can simply restart the shell or terminal. When nushell starts, it loads all plugins.

    If you are using a version lower than 0.93.0, you do not need to do this.

    plugin use highlight

After registering, the plugin is available as part of your set of commands:

help commands | where command_type == "plugin"

Version Numbering

Starting with version v1.1.0, the version number of nu-plugin-highlight incorporates the version number of its dependency, nu-plugin. This is denoted in the format v1.1.0+0.90.1, where v1.1.0 refers to the version of nu-plugin-highlight and 0.90.1 refers to the version of the nu-plugin dependency.


nu_plugin_highlight is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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