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descriptionVarious solvers for ODEs
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Provide generic solvers for ODEs using different methods. Also, allow the user to choose which datatype they desire to use for that problem, be it f32, u8 or some non-standard bignum type..

By no means this is yet ready for any serious use right now. The code needs to be cleaned and there is a lot yet to be implemented.


use ode::{Method, Solver};

let ini_cond: Vec<f32> = vec![1., 2.];

// simple config
Solver::new(&ini_cond, |t: &f32, _: &Vec<f32>| vec![2.*t])

// complex config
let mut s = Solver::new(&ini_cond, |t: &f32, _: &Vec<f32>| vec![2.*t] );

// run the solver
let (times, pos) = s.run();

Current Goals

For the next minor version (0.2.0)

  • more and better documentation;
  • re-implement the 4th order Runge-Kutta method;
  • have at least a few tests and examples;
  • stabilize the API.

For the next major version (1.0.0)

  • figure out a generic way to write all Runge-Kutta variants that is both easy to maintain and clean to read;
  • implement all planned Runge-Kutta variants:
    • 2;
    • 3;
    • 4;
    • 5.

Release Notes

  • 0.?.? [WIP]

  • 0.1.2: break change

    Change the Number trait to use num_traits crate, so that accepted types are more consistent with what is already present in the community.

    To keep consistency with function names, solver::Solver::change_weight() is now called solver::Solver::weights().

    Also, a bit more of documentation.

    RK4 is back online, and the only usable method so far.

  • 0.1.1 [unusable]: break change

    Closing issue #1, this drops the MATLAB-ish style in favor of a more Rustic way of doing things. This also starts the process of building version 0.2.0, attempting to stabilize the API.

    This is not a usable version, as solver::Solver::run() will always return empty vectors.

  • 0.1.0: first draft

    Started the project as an attempt to bring MATLAB-ish ODE solvers to Rust. The API is completelly unstable and may change at any time.

    Only the RK4 method is available, with a very basic usage.

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