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descriptionA simple application to auto manage series on your local storage.



# OFFFLIX A simple application to auto manage series on your local storage. ![Offlix]( ![Loading screen]( ## Features - [x] Resume watching - [x] Play next episode - [x] Auto increment season - [x] Play random episode - [x] GUI - [x] Multithreaded image loading ## Disclaimer The creator of this application does not by any means promote piracy of online content. Where the users of this application get their content from is not a liabilty of the creator of this library. Please use the application at your own caution. ## Installation The application depends on libmpv, so you need to install it first. ### Arch Linux ``` sudo pacman -S mpv ``` ### Ubuntu ``` sudo apt install mpv ``` ### Windows #### MSYS2 ``` pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-mpv ``` ## Usage ``` cargo run --release ``` ### Media player controls - 'Space' to pause/resume - 'Ctrl+Left' to go back 10 seconds - 'Ctrl+Right' to go forward 10 seconds - 'Shift+Left' to go back 1 second - 'Shift+Right' to go forward 1 second - 'Left' to go back 5 seconds - 'Right' to go forward 5 seconds - 'Up' increase volume - 'Down' decrease volume - 'F' to toggle fullscreen - 'Esc' to quit - 'A' to cycle audio tracks forward - 'Shift+A' to cycle audio tracks backward - 'Ctrl+A' to toggle audio - 'V' to cycle video tracks forward - 'Shift+V' to cycle video tracks backward - 'S' to cycle subtitle tracks forward - 'Shift+S' to cycle subtitle tracks backward - 'Ctrl+S' to toggle subtitles
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