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descriptionCLI to send one message using Graphcast SDK
Chris Wessels (chriswessels)



One shot CLI



This is a Graphcast Radio focused on sending a single message about particular subgraphs on Graphcast P2P network. The available message type is a version upgrade annoucement message from a subgraph owner.

Version Upgrade message

When developers publish a new version (subgraph deployment) to their subgraph, data service instability may occur while their API queries the pre-existing version. Indexers may require some time to sync a subgraph to the chainhead after they have stopped syncing the previous deployment. To decrease the upgrade friction, developers can send a message before publishing the subgraph, including the old deployment hash, new deployment hash, matching subgraph id, the time they would like to publish the version.

Subgraph radios subscribed to the same topic and process this information immediately, potentially start offchain syncing the new deployment in their graph node.

It is still at the subgraph developers' discretion to await for the indexers to sync upto chainhead, in which point they can publish the staged version without disrupting API usage.

๐Ÿ†™ Example usage

To send a message on Graphcast mainnet for the subgraph deployment "QmacQnSgia4iDPWHpeY6aWxesRFdb8o5DKZUx96zZqEWrB", we can

cargo run -- --private-key "abcdefgabcdefgabcdefgabcdefgabcdefgabcdefgabcdefgabcdefgabcdefg1" \
--graph-account "0xe9a1cabd57700b17945fd81feefba82340d9568f" \
--identifier "QmacQnSgia4iDPWHpeY6aWxesRFdb8o5DKZUx96zZqEWrB" \
--new-hash "QmTHIS_NEW_HASH" \
--subgraph-id "CnJMdCkW3pr619gsJVtUPAWxspALPdCMw6o7obzYBNp3" \
--index-network "goerli" \
--migration-time 1689205934

The entire process from running the binary to sending the message should take ~45 seconds. One can expect the terminal to output the following:

2023-07-31T17:56:44.783866Z  INFO Creating Graphcast Agent, radio_name: "subgraph-radio", registry_subgraph: "", network_subgraph: "", graphcast_network: "testnet", max_retry: 5

2023-07-31T17:56:59.328490Z  INFO Sent message, msg_id: "0xc6b1131e0f8302abe48057f6fc69722ab46bd4285c2c4a8a8bdca6b221dcda96"

๐Ÿงช Testing

To run unit tests for the Radio. We recommend using nextest as your test runner. Once you have it installed you can run the tests using the following commands:

cargo nextest run


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