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# orm_mysql Committed to building a high-performance, lightweight orm library; Try to achieve zero copy; >致力于构建高性能、轻量级的orm库; 尽量做到零拷贝; The function is being developed rapidly. Those who are interested can participate in the development together; >功能正在加紧开发中, 有兴趣的可以一起参与开发; Join us: WeChat: wx_essence, Telegram: tg_essence; >加入我们: 微信: wx_essence, Telegram: tg_essence; [examples mysql_all](https://github.com/guoyucode/orm_mysql/blob/main/examples/mysql_all.rs)
[examples mysql_insert](https://github.com/guoyucode/orm_mysql/blob/main/examples/mysql_insert.rs)
[examples mysql_query](https://github.com/guoyucode/orm_mysql/blob/main/examples/mysql_query.rs)
examples: add Cargo.toml dependencies mysql_async = "0.31" orm_mysql = "*" use orm_mysql::mysql_async::prelude::*; use orm_mysql::mysql::OrmMySqlTrait; use orm_mysql::OrmMySql; #[tokio::main] async fn main() -> common_uu::IResult { let ref pool: mysql_async::Pool = mysql_async::Pool::new("mysql://username:pwd@ip:port/db_name"); let mut conn: mysql_async::Conn = pool.get_conn().await?; r"DROP TABLE if exists users_temp".ignore(&mut conn).await?; r"CREATE TABLE users_temp ( user_id int not null, username varchar(128) null, username2 varchar(128) null, username3 varchar(128) null, username4 varchar(128) null, username5 varchar(128) null, username6 varchar(128) null, username7 varchar(128) null, username8 varchar(128) null, username9 varchar(128) null, username10 varchar(128) null, username11 varchar(128) null, username12 varchar(128) null, username13 varchar(128) null, username14 varchar(128) null, username15 varchar(128) null, float_v float(8,2) null )" .ignore(&mut conn) .await?; // use conn insert // let r: Option=conn.exec_first("insert into users_temp (user_id, username, username2)values(?,?,?)", (1, "11".to_string(), Some("111".to_string()))).await?; let mut user = UserData::default(); user.user_id = 1; user.username = "11".to_string(); user.username2 = Some("111".to_string()); user.insert(&mut conn).await?; // use transaction let mut tx = pool.start_transaction(mysql_async::TxOpts::new()).await?; let mut user = UserData::default(); user.user_id = 2; user.username = "22".to_string(); user.username2 = Some("222".to_string()); user.insert(&mut tx).await?; tx.commit().await?; // let r: Option = conn.query_first("select * from users_temp").await?; let r: Option = UserData::query_first(&mut conn, "where 1=1").await?; println!(r##"UserData::query_first {:?}"##, r); // let r: Vec = conn.query("select * from users_temp").await?; let r: Vec = UserData::query(&mut conn, "where 1=1", Some(99)).await?; println!("UserData::query: {:?}", r); Ok(()) } // #[derive(Default, Debug)] #[derive(OrmMySql, Default, Debug)] #[orm_mysql(table_name=users_temp)] // is not config: table_name => user_data struct UserData { #[orm_mysql(id)] user_id: i64, username: String, username2: Option, username3: Option, username4: Option, username5: Option, username6: Option, username7: Option, username8: Option, username9: Option, username10: Option, username11: Option, username12: Option, username13: String, username14: String, username15: String, float_v: f64, datetime_v: chrono::NaiveDateTime, datetime_opt: Option, date: chrono::NaiveDate, date_opt: Option, // not support; 暂时不支持 // datetime_utc_v: Option>, // datetime_local_v: chrono::DateTime, // naive_date_v: time::PrimitiveDateTime, // naive_date_opt_v: Option, }
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