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descriptionFFI bindings for the SCION PAN Path Aware Networking library



SCION PAN Bindings for C, C++, and Python ========================================= Language bindings for the PAN (Path Aware Networking) library of the SCION Internet architecture project. The PAN library and other SCION demo applications (in Go) can be found in the scion-apps repository: More information on SCION: ### Requirements Most of the open-source implementation of SCION is written in Go. The bindings in this repository use Cgo to export the Go functions to C. The exported C functions can then be called from the C++ and Python wrappers. Therefore you will need the Go compiler in addition to a C and C++ compiler. The Python bindings require an installation of Python 3. The minimum Go version required for the Cgo wrapper itself is Go 1.17. As this project depends on scion-apps you will need a Go version able to compile scion-apps. Currently scion-apps supports Go version 1.19 and 1.20. The code has been tested with Go version 1.20.11. If you have an unsupported version of Go installed, you can download a separate copy of Go and specify the absolute path the to `go` binary in the CMake cache variable `GO_BINARY` (defaults to `go`). Go itself can install additional version, e.g.: ```bash go install # Go will usually install the new go binary in `~/go/bin/`. Add this directrory # to PATH or use the full path for the next command. go1.20.11 download # Run make with -D GO_BINARY=$(which go1.20.11) ``` Building the C++ bindings requires standalone (non-boost) Asio. The C++ examples require ncurses on Linux. ### Building CMake is used as Makefile generator. #### Linux Release: ```bash mkdir -p build/release cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -B build/release cmake --build build/release ``` Debug: ```bash mkdir -p build/debug cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -B build/debug cmake --build build/debug ``` Installation (by default to /usr/local): ```bash sudo cmake --install build/release sudo ldconfig ``` This will install the following files: ``` ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/include/pan/pan.h ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/include/pan/pan_cdefs.h ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/libpan.a ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/ ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/ ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/ ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/ ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/include/pan/pan.hpp ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/include/pan/go_handle.hpp ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/scion-echo ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/scion-echo-async ``` The debug versions of the libraries have a `d` suffix and can be installed in parallel to the release version. #### Windows 10/11 (MSYS2 MinGW) Install [MSYS2]( and Go. The following MSYS2 packets are required: ```bash pacman -Sy pacman -S \ mingw-w64-ucrt-x86_64-gcc \ mingw-w64-ucrt-x86_64-cmake \ mingw-w64-ucrt-x86_64-ninja \ mingw-w64-ucrt-x86_64-asio ``` Open an MSYS2 UCRT64 environment and navigate to the project root (Windows drive letters are available as `/c` and so on). ```bash mkdir build cmake -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -D GO_BINARY=$USERPROFILE/go/bin/go1.20.11 -G 'Ninja Multi-Config' -B build # Release: cmake --build build --config Release # Debug: cmake --build build --config Debug ``` Headers and binaries can be installed as well: ```bash cmake --install build --config Release --prefix /usr/local ``` ### Doxygen Documentation You can generate API documentation in `docs/gen` by running `doxygen` in the project's root directory. ### Using the Bindings For C: - Include `pan/pan.h` and link with `-lpan`. For C++: - Include `pan/pan.hpp` and link with `-lpancpp`. For Python: - Make sure Python can find the contents of the `python` directory, e.g., by adding it to `PYTHONPATH` and import the module (`import pan`) Example Applications -------------------- The `examples` directory contains simple echo servers/clients demonstrating both blocking and non-blocking IO. Usage example (assuming the `tiny4.topo` topology from the SCION repository): ```bash # Server export SCION_DAEMON_ADDRESS= scion-echo --local # blocking scion-echo-async --local # non-blocking # Client export SCION_DAEMON_ADDRESS= scion-echo --remote 1-ff00:0:111, # blocking scion-echo-async --remote 1-ff00:0:111, # non-blocking ``` Python version: ```bash # Server export PYTHONPATH=${PWD}/python:${PYTHONPATH} export SCION_DAEMON_ADDRESS= examples/python/ --local # blocking examples/python/ --async --local # non-blocking # Client export PYTHONPATH=${PWD}/python:${PYTHONPATH} export SCION_DAEMON_ADDRESS= examples/python/ --remote 1-ff00:0:111, # blocking examples/python/ --async --remote 1-ff00:0:111, # non-blocking ```
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