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descriptionApache Parquet implementation in Rust
Raphael Taylor-Davies (tustvold)



Apache Parquet Official Native Rust Implementation

This crate contains the official Native Rust implementation of Apache Parquet, which is part of the Apache Arrow project.

See the API documentation for examples and the full API.

The API documentation for most recent, unreleased code is available here.

Rust Version Compatibility

This crate is tested with the latest stable version of Rust. We do not currently test against other, older versions of the Rust compiler.

Versioning / Releases

The arrow crate follows the SemVer standard defined by Cargo and works well within the Rust crate ecosystem.

However, for historical reasons, this crate uses versions with major numbers greater than 0.x (e.g. 19.0.0), unlike many other crates in the Rust ecosystem which spend extended time releasing versions 0.x to signal planned ongoing API changes. Minor arrow releases contain only compatible changes, while major releases may contain breaking API changes.

Feature Flags

The parquet crate provides the following features which may be enabled in your Cargo.toml:

  • arrow (default) - support for reading / writing arrow arrays to / from parquet
  • async - support async APIs for reading parquet
  • json - support for reading / writing json data to / from parquet
  • brotli (default) - support for parquet using brotli compression
  • flate2 (default) - support for parquet using gzip compression
  • lz4 (default) - support for parquet using lz4 compression
  • zstd (default) - support for parquet using zstd compression
  • snap (default) - support for parquet using snappy compression
  • cli - parquet CLI tools
  • experimental - Experimental APIs which may change, even between minor releases

Parquet Feature Status

  • All encodings supported
  • All compression codecs supported
  • Read support
    • Primitive column value readers
    • Row record reader
    • Arrow record reader
    • Async support (to Arrow)
  • Statistics support
  • Write support
    • Primitive column value writers
    • Row record writer
    • Arrow record writer
    • Async support
  • Predicate pushdown
  • Parquet format 4.0.0 support


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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