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descriptionSolana indexer for general compression



# Photon Solana indexer for general compression ## Installation To install the photon indexer run: ```bash cargo install photon-indexer ``` ### Running Photon To run photon run: ```bash # Against localnet photon # Against devnet photon --rpc-url= # Using your local Postgres database instead of the default in in-memory SQLite db photon --db-url=postgres://postgres@localhost/postgres # Specifying a start slot. Defaults to 0 for localnet and current for devnet/mainnet photon --start-slot=123 # To see more configuration options photon --help ``` ### Database Management We support both Postgres and SQLite as database backends. Photon uses a auto-configured SQLite in-memory database by default. To specify another database backend run migrations and specify the database url when running Photon. ```bash export DATABASE_URL="postgres://postgres@localhost/postgres" # Or your SQLlite database url photon-migration up photon --db-url=$DATABASE_URL ``` ## Local Development ### Running Tests To run tests, install and run Postgres and SQLlite locally. For MacOS users, we recommend using Homebrew to run local Postgres: Then export environment variables to configure your RPC and your test Postgres url. For SQLlite testing, we always use an in-memory SQLlite database, so there is no need to configure a test url. ```bash export MAINNET_RPC_URL= export DEVNET_RPC_URL= export TEST_DATABASE_URL="postgres://postgres@localhost/postgres" ``` Additionally, for tests we use `swagger-cli` to validate our OpenAPI schemas. So please install it: ```bash npm install -g @apidevtools/swagger-cli ``` Afterwards finishing setup simply run: ```bash cargo test ``` Note that for both Postgres and SQLlite all migrations will run automatically during tests. So no prior configuration is needed. ### Database Model Autogeneration To generate database models first install sea-orm-cli: ```bash cargo install sea-orm-cli --version 0.10.6 ``` Then run: ```bash sea-orm-cli generate entity -o src/dao/generated ``` ### Documentation Generation In order to update the OpenAPI schemas for the API please first install the `swagger-cli` through: ```bash npm install -g @apidevtools/swagger-cli ``` Then run: ```bash cargo run --bin=photon-openapi ```
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