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descriptionInterface to the linux procfs pseudo-filesystem
Andrew Chin (eminence)




Crate Docs Minimum rustc version

This crate is an interface to the proc pseudo-filesystem on linux, which is normally mounted as /proc. Long-term, this crate aims to be fairly feature complete, but at the moment not all files are exposed. See the docs for info on what's supported, or view the file in the code repository.


There are several examples in the docs and in the examples folder of the code repository.

Here's a small example that prints out all processes that are running on the same tty as the calling process. This is very similar to what "ps" does in its default mode:

fn main() {
    let me = procfs::process::Process::myself().unwrap();
    let me_stat = me.stat().unwrap();
    let tps = procfs::ticks_per_second().unwrap();

    println!("{: >5} {: <8} {: >8} {}", "PID", "TTY", "TIME", "CMD");

    let tty = format!("pty/{}", me_stat.tty_nr().1);
    for prc in procfs::process::all_processes().unwrap() {
        let prc = prc.unwrap();
        let stat = prc.stat().unwrap();
        if stat.tty_nr == me_stat.tty_nr {
            // total_time is in seconds
            let total_time =
                (stat.utime + stat.stime) as f32 / (tps as f32);
                "{: >5} {: <8} {: >8} {}",
      , tty, total_time, stat.comm

Here's another example that shows how to get the current memory usage of the current process:

use procfs::process::Process;

fn main() {
    let me = Process::myself().unwrap();
    let me_stat = me.stat().unwrap();
    println!("PID: {}",;

    let page_size = procfs::page_size();
    println!("Memory page size: {}", page_size);

    println!("== Data from /proc/self/stat:");
    println!("Total virtual memory used: {} bytes", me_stat.vsize);
        "Total resident set: {} pages ({} bytes)",
        me_stat.rss * page_size

There are a few ways to get this data, so also checkout the longer self_memory example for more details.

Cargo features

The following cargo features are available:

  • chrono -- Default. Optional. This feature enables a few methods that return values as DateTime objects.
  • flate2 -- Default. Optional. This feature enables parsing gzip compressed /proc/config.gz file via the procfs::kernel_config method.
  • backtrace -- Optional. This feature lets you get a stack trace whenever an InternalError is raised.
  • serde1 -- Optional. This feature allows most structs to be serialized and deserialized using serde 1.0. Note, this feature requires a version of rust newer than 1.48.0 (which is the MSRV for procfs). The exact version required is not specified here, since serde does not not have an MSRV policy.

Minimum Rust Version

This crate is only tested against the latest stable rustc compiler, but may work with older compilers. See for more details.


The procfs library is licensed under either of

at your option.

For additional copyright information regarding documentation, please also see the COPYRIGHT.txt file.


Contributions are welcome, especially in the areas of documentation and testing on older kernels.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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