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descriptionDefinition of common ui elements and views for use with prototty.
Stephen Sherratt (gridbugs)



# prototty\_common [![Version](]( [![Documentation](]( A collection of common elements and decorators. ## Decorators Example Let's continue the title example started [here]( This will extend the unix frontend to draw a border around its output using the `Border` decorator defined in this crate. ```rust extern crate prototty; extern crate prototty_unix; extern crate prototty_common; // Assuming the title and its views were defined here extern crate prototty_title; use prototty::{Renderer, View, ViewSize, ViewGrid, Coord, Size}; use prototty_title::*; // The `Border` decorator in prototty_common requires that the // view which it decorates implements `ViewSize`, defined in // prototty. Since neither `ViewSize` nor `Title` are defined // in this crate, we need to define a new type, and implement // `View` and `ViewSize` here in this crate. struct SizedDemoTitleView; impl View for SizedDemoTitleView { fn view<G: ViewGrid>(&self, title: &Title, coord: Coord, depth: i32, grid: &mut G) { // behave identically to `DemoTitleView` DemoTitleView.view(title, coord, depth, grid); } } impl ViewSize<Title> for SizedDemoTitleView { fn size(&self, title: &Title) -> Size { // 3 high, since the title is rendered on // line 0 and 2 Size::new(title.width, 3) } } fn main() { let mut context = prototty_unix::Context::new().unwrap(); let title = Title { width: 20, text: "My Title".to_string(), }; // create and configure the border let mut border = prototty_common::Border::new(); border.title = Some("Border Title".to_string()); border.underline_title = true; // create a decorated view let decorated_view = prototty_common::Decorated::new(&SizedDemoTitleView, &border); // render the title using the view context.render(&decorated_view, &title).unwrap(); // exit after a key is pressed context.wait_input().unwrap(); } ``` Running this will produce the following output in your terminal: ![Example]( </div> Commit count: 1090 <h2 class="title is-4">cargo fmt</h2> <div> </div> </div> </section> <footer class="footer"> <div class="content has-text-centered"> <p> Generated at 2024-04-22 09:19:06.889566068 UTC using version 0.1.0. <a href="/about">About</a> <a href="">source</a> </p> </div> </footer> </body> </html>