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descriptionA macro library for including a Python module in Rust. At this point, very imcomplete.
Erica Stith



# python-mod A Rust module for importing a module written in Rython, which is a limited subset of Python that can be compiled to Rust. Rython is generally a subset of Python. At the time of writing, Rython is a very limited subset of Python. This will hopefully change over time. ## Usage This module just exports macros for embedding Rython code inside Rust. ```Rust use py_mod::python_module; ``` Modules are imported in the same place as Rust module declarations, and they are imported from the same directory as the file declaring the module. The following will import either `` or `py_module/` from the current source library directory: ```Rust python_module!(py_module); ``` The module can then be used like this: ```Rust fn test() { py_module::run_function(); } ``` You can also insert a prefix of Rust code into the top of the generated module by inserting it after the module name: ```Rust python_module!{py_module use std::result::Result; }; ``` This is useful for creating modules that require importing native Rust code. ## Notes Rython uses PyO3 to parse Python into a Rust data structure.
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