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Rust API client for openapi


This is the documentation for the Rigetti QCS HTTP API.

You can find out more about Rigetti at https://rigetti.com, and also interact with QCS via the web at https://qcs.rigetti.com.

This API is documented in OpenAPI format and so is compatible with the dozens of language-specific client generators available here and elsewhere on the web.


This API follows REST design principles where appropriate, and otherwise an HTTP RPC paradigm. We adhere to the Google API Improvement Proposals where reasonable to provide a consistent, intuitive developer experience. HTTP response codes match their specifications, and error messages fit a common format.


All access to the QCS API requires OAuth2 authentication provided by Okta. You can request access here. Once you have a user account, you can download your access token from QCS here.

That access token is valid for 24 hours after issuance. The value of access_token within the JSON file is the token used for authentication (don't use the entire JSON file).

Authenticate requests using the Authorization header and a Bearer prefix:

curl --header \"Authorization: Bearer eyJraW...Iow\"

Quantum Processor Access

Access to the quantum processors themselves is not yet provided directly by this HTTP API, but is instead performed over ZeroMQ/rpcq. Until that changes, we suggest using pyquil to build and execute quantum programs via the Legacy API.

Legacy API

Our legacy HTTP API remains accessible at https://forest-server.qcs.rigetti.com, and it shares a source of truth with this API's services. You can use either service with the same user account and means of authentication. We strongly recommend using the API documented here, as the legacy API is on the path to deprecation.

For more information, please visit https://rigetti.zendesk.com


This API client was generated by the OpenAPI Generator project. By using the openapi-spec from a remote server, you can easily generate an API client.

  • API version: 2020-07-31
  • Package version: 2020-07-31
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.RustClientCodegen


Put the package under your project folder in a directory named openapi and add the following to Cargo.toml under [dependencies]:

openapi = { path = "./openapi" }

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to https://api.qcs.rigetti.com

Class Method HTTP request Description

AccountApi | add_group_user | POST /v1/groups:addUser | Add user to a group AccountApi | get_group_balance | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/balance | Get Group Balance AccountApi | get_group_billing_customer | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/billingCustomer | AccountApi | get_group_upcoming_billing_invoice | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/billingInvoices:getUpcoming | AccountApi | get_user_balance | GET /v1/users/{userId}/balance | Get User Balance AccountApi | get_user_billing_customer | GET /v1/users/{userId}/billingCustomer | AccountApi | get_user_upcoming_billing_invoice | GET /v1/users/{userId}/billingInvoices:getUpcoming | AccountApi | list_group_billing_invoice_lines | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/billingInvoices/{billingInvoiceId}/lines | AccountApi | list_group_billing_invoices | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/billingInvoices | AccountApi | list_group_upcoming_billing_invoice_lines | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/billingInvoices:listUpcomingLines | AccountApi | list_group_users | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/users | List users belonging to a group AccountApi | list_user_billing_invoice_lines | GET /v1/users/{userId}/billingInvoices/{billingInvoiceId}/lines | AccountApi | list_user_billing_invoices | GET /v1/users/{userId}/billingInvoices | AccountApi | list_user_groups | GET /v1/users/{userId}/groups | List QCS groups for the requested user AccountApi | list_user_upcoming_billing_invoice_lines | GET /v1/users/{userId}/billingInvoices:listUpcomingLines | AccountApi | remove_group_user | POST /v1/groups:removeUser | Remove user from a group. AuthenticationApi | auth_email_password_reset_token | POST /v1/auth:emailPasswordResetToken | Email Password Reset Token AuthenticationApi | auth_get_user | GET /v1/auth:getUser | Get User AuthenticationApi | auth_reset_password | POST /v1/auth:resetPassword | Reset Password AuthenticationApi | auth_reset_password_with_token | POST /v1/auth:resetPasswordWithToken | Reset Password With Token ClientApplicationsApi | check_client_application | POST /v1/clientApplications:check | Check Client Application ClientApplicationsApi | get_client_application | GET /v1/clientApplications/{clientApplicationName} | Get Client Application ClientApplicationsApi | list_client_applications | GET /v1/clientApplications | List Client Applications DefaultApi | get_health | GET / | DefaultApi | health_check | GET /v1/ | Health Check EndpointsApi | create_endpoint | POST /v1/endpoints | Create Endpoint EndpointsApi | delete_endpoint | DELETE /v1/endpoints/{endpointId} | Delete Endpoint EndpointsApi | get_default_endpoint | GET /v1/quantumProcessors/{quantumProcessorId}/endpoints:getDefault | Get Default Endpoint EndpointsApi | get_endpoint | GET /v1/endpoints/{endpointId} | Get Endpoint EndpointsApi | list_endpoints | GET /v1/endpoints | List Endpoints EndpointsApi | restart_endpoint | POST /v1/endpoints/{endpointId}:restart | Restart Endpoint EngagementsApi | create_engagement | POST /v1/engagements | Create Engagement QuantumProcessorsApi | get_instruction_set_architecture | GET /v1/quantumProcessors/{quantumProcessorId}/instructionSetArchitecture | Get Instruction Set Architecture QuantumProcessorsApi | get_quantum_processor | GET /v1/quantumProcessors/{quantumProcessorId} | Get Quantum Processor QuantumProcessorsApi | list_quantum_processors | GET /v1/quantumProcessors | List Quantum Processors ReservationsApi | create_reservation | POST /v1/reservations | Create Reservation ReservationsApi | delete_reservation | DELETE /v1/reservations/{reservationId} | Delete Reservation ReservationsApi | find_available_reservations | GET /v1/reservations:findAvailable | Find Available Reservations ReservationsApi | list_group_reservations | GET /v1/groups/{groupName}/reservations | List Group Reservations ReservationsApi | list_reservations | GET /v1/reservations | List Reservations TranslationApi | get_quilt_calibrations | GET /v1/quantumProcessors/{quantumProcessorId}/quiltCalibrations | Get Quilt Calibrations TranslationApi | translate_native_quil_to_encrypted_binary | POST /v1/quantumProcessors/{quantumProcessorId}:translateNativeQuilToEncryptedBinary | Translate Native Quil To Encrypted Binary

Documentation For Models

To get access to the crate's generated documentation, use:

cargo doc --open



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