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descriptionRGB Core Library: confidential & scalable smart contracts on Bitcoin & Lightning (consensus layer)
LNP/BP Consensus Maintainers (lnpbp-consensus-maintainers)



# RGB Core Library ![Build](https://github.com/RGB-WG/rgb-core/workflows/Build/badge.svg) ![Tests](https://github.com/RGB-WG/rgb-core/workflows/Tests/badge.svg) ![Lints](https://github.com/RGB-WG/rgb-core/workflows/Lints/badge.svg) [![codecov](https://codecov.io/gh/RGB-WG/rgb-core/branch/master/graph/badge.svg)](https://codecov.io/gh/RGB-WG/rgb-core) [![crates.io](https://img.shields.io/crates/v/rgb-core)](https://crates.io/crates/rgb-core) [![Docs](https://docs.rs/rgb-core/badge.svg)](https://docs.rs/rgb-core) [![unsafe forbidden](https://img.shields.io/badge/unsafe-forbidden-success.svg)](https://github.com/rust-secure-code/safety-dance/) [![Apache-2 licensed](https://img.shields.io/crates/l/rgb-core)](./LICENSE) RGB is confidential & scalable client-validated smart contracts for Bitcoin & Lightning. To learn more about RGB please check [RGB website][Site]. RGB Core library provides consensus-critical and validation code for RGB. It is a standard implementation, jointly with [LNP/BP Standards][LNPBPs] defining RGB consensus and validation rules. The consensus-critical code library is shared with the following libraries: 1. [Client-side-validation Lib][Foundation]. It is non-bitcoin-specific library, covering concepts related to client-side-validation (commitments, single-use-seals abstracted from bitcoin, consensus-critical data encoding protocols). 2. [BP Core Lib][BP]. This is client-side-validation applied to bitcoin protocol with deterministic bitcoin commitments (tapret) and TXO-based single-use-seals. 3. [AluVM virtual machine][AluVM] used by RGB for Turing-complete smart contract functionality. 4. [Strict types][StrictTypes], defining memory layout and serialization of structured data types used in RGB smart contracts. The development of the project is supported and managed by [LNP/BP Standards Association][Association]. The design of RGB smart contract system and implementation of this and underlying consensus libraries was done in 2019-2024 by [Dr Maxim Orlovsky][Max] basing or earlier ideas of client-side-validation and RGB as "assets for bitcoin and LN" by [Peter Todd][Todd] and [Giacomo Zucco][Zucco]. Upon the release of RGBv1 the protocol will be immutable and this library will accept only bugfixes; i.e. it will be ossified by requiring consensus ACK for the new changes across the large set of maintainers. The current list of the projects based on the library include: * [RGB Standard Lib][RGB Std]: library providing high-level RGB smart contract API in rust. * [RGB Wallet][RGB Wallet]: runtime and command-line tool for working with RGB. ## Contributing Currently, library functionality is frozen and as a part of ossification only bugfixes are accepted. Altcoins and "blockchains" other than Bitcoin blockchain/Bitcoin protocols are not supported and not planned to be supported; pull requests targeting them will be declined. ## License See [LICENCE](LICENSE) file. [LNPBPs]: https://github.com/LNP-BP/LNPBPs [Association]: https://lnp-bp.org [Site]: https://rgb.tech [Foundation]: https://github.com/LNP-BP/client_side_validation [BP]: https://github.com/BP-WG/bp-core [AluVM]: https://www.aluvm.org [StrictTypes]: https://www.strict-types.org [RGB Std]: https://github.com/RGB-WG/rgb-std [RGB Wallet]: https://github.com/RGB-WG/rgb [Max]: https://dr.orlovsky.ch [Todd]: https://petertodd.org/ [Zucco]: https://giacomozucco.com/
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