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descriptionROS2 client library based on RustDDS
Juhana Helovuo (jhelovuo)



ROS2 Client

This is a Rust native client library for ROS2. It does not link to rcl, rclcpp, or any non-Rust DDS library. RustDDS is used for communication.

The API is not identical to rclcpp or rclpy, because some parts would be very awkward in Rust. For example, there are no callbacks. Rust async mechanism is used instead. Alternatively, some of the functionality can be polled using the Metal I/O library.

There is a .spin() call, but it is required only to have ros2-client execute some background tasks. You can spawn an async task to run it, and retain the flow of control in your code.

Please see the included examples on how to use the various features.

Features Status

  • Topics, Publish and Subscribe ✅
  • QoS ✅
  • Serialization ✅ - via Serde
  • Services: Clients and Servers ✅ (async recommended)
  • Actions ✅ (async required)
  • Discovery / ROS Graph update events ✅ (async)
  • rosout logging ✅
  • Parameters ✅
    • Parameter Services (remote Parameter manipulation) ✅
  • Time support
    • ROS Time ✅
    • Simulated time support ✅
    • Steady time ✅
  • Message generation: from .msg to .rs- experimental
  • ROS 2 Security - experimental

New in Version 0.7:

  • NodeName namespace is no longer allowed to be the empty string, because it confuses ROS 2 tools. Minimum namespace is "/".
  • Parameter support, incl. Paramater services
  • Time support


  • Subscribers can take() samples with deserialization "seed" value. This allows more run-time control of deserialization. Upgrade to RustDDS 0.10.0.

New in Version 0.6:

  • Reworked ROS 2 Discovery implementation. Now Node has .status_receiver()
  • Async .spin() call to run the Discovery mechanism.
  • Client has .wait_for_service()
  • New API for naming Nodes, Topics, Services, Actions, and data types for Topics, Actions, and Services. The new API is more structured to avoid possible confusion and errors from parsing strings.

New in version 0.5:

  • Actions are supported
  • async programming interface. This should make a built-in event loop unnecessary, as Rust async executors sort of do that already. This means that ros2-client is not going to implement a call similar to rclcpp::spin(..).

Example: minimal_action_server and minimal_action_client

These are re-implementations of similarly named ROS examples. They should be interoperable with ROS 2 example programs in C++ or Python.

To test this, start a server and then, in a separate terminal, a client, e.g.

ros2 run examples_rclcpp_minimal_action_server action_server_member_functions and cargo run --example=minimal_action_client


cargo run --example=minimal_action_server and ros2 run examples_rclpy_minimal_action_client client

You should see the client requesting for a sequence of Fibonacci numbers, and the server providing them until the requested sequence length is reached.

Example: turtle_teleop

The included example program should be able to communicate with out-of-the-box ROS2 turtlesim example.

Install ROS2 and start the simulator by ros2 run turtlesim turtlesim_node. Then run the turtle_teleop example to control the simulator.

Turtlesim screenshot

Teleop example program currently has the following keyboard commands:

  • Cursor keys: Move turtle
  • q or Ctrl-C: quit
  • r: reset simulator
  • p: change pen color (for turtle1 only)
  • a/b : spawn turtle1 / turtle2
  • A/B : kill turtle1 / turtle2
  • 1/2 : switch control between turtle1 / turtle2
  • d/f/g: Trigger or cancel absolute rotation action.

Example: ros2_service_server

Install ROS2. This has been tested to work against "Galactic" release, using either eProsima FastDDS or RTI Connext DDS (rmw_connextdds, not rmw_connext_cpp).

Start server: cargo run --example=ros2_service_server

In another terminal or computer, run a client: ros2 run examples_rclpy_minimal_client client

Example: ros2_service_client

Similar to above.

Start server: ros2 run examples_rclpy_minimal_service service

Run client: cargo run --example=ros2_service_client

Related Work

  • ros2_rust is closest(?) to an official ROS2 client library. It links to ROS2 rcl library written in C.
  • rclrust is another ROS2 client library for Rust. It supports also ROS2 Services in addition to Topics. It links to ROS2 libraries, e.g. rcl and rmw.
  • rus2 exists, but appears to be inactive since September 2020.


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