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descriptionLibrary that allows you to communicate with Google Cast enabled devices (e.g. Chromecast).
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Proto files are taken from Chromium Open Screen GitHub mirror.

By default cargo build won't try to generate Rust code from the files located at protobuf/*, if you want to do that use GENERATE_PROTO environment variable during build and make sure you have protoc binary in $PATH:

$ GENERATE_PROTO=true cargo build

Run example

Generic features

First, you need to figure out the address of the device to connect to. For example, you can use avahi with the following command:

$ avahi-browse -a --resolve
// Get some info about the Google Cast enabled device (e.g. Chromecast). 
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -i

Number of apps run: 1
App#0: Default Media Receiver (CC1AD845)
Volume level: 1
Muted: false

// Run specific app on the Chromecast.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -r youtube

// Stop specific active app.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -s youtube

// Stop currently active app.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a --stop-current

The following app has been stopped: Default Media Receiver (CC1AD845)

Media features

// Stream a video.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -m

// Stream a video of specific format with buffering.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -m http://xxx.webm --media-type video/webm --media-stream-type buffered

// Stream video from YouTube (doesn't work with the latest YouTube app, fix is welcome).
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -m 7LcUOEP7Brc --media-app youtube

// Display an image.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a -m

// Change volume level.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a --media-volume 0.5

// Mute/unmute media.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a --media-mute [--media-unmute]

// Pause media.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a --media-app youtube --media-pause

// Resume/play media.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a --media-app youtube --media-play

// Seek media.
$ cargo run --example rust_caster -- -a --media-app youtube --media-seek 100

For all possible values of --media-type see Supported Media for Google Cast.

DNS TXT Record description

  • md - Model Name (e.g. "Chromecast");
  • id - UUID without hyphens of the particular device (e.g. xx12x3x456xx789xx01xx234x56789x0);
  • fn - Friendly Name of the device (e.g. "Living Room");
  • rs - Unknown (recent share???) (e.g. "Youtube TV");
  • bs - Uknonwn (e.g. "XX1XXX2X3456");
  • st - Unknown (e.g. "1");
  • ca - Unknown (e.g. "1234");
  • ic - Icon path (e.g. "/setup/icon.png");
  • ve - Version (e.g. "04").

Model names

  • Chromecast - Regular chromecast, supports video/audio;
  • Chromecast Audio - Chromecast Audio device, supports only audio.

Useful links and sources of inspiration

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