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descriptionA STEP toolkit for Rust
Yoshinori Tanimura (ytanimura)



This project is still in experimental stage. DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCT.


Crates for STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) written in pure Rust aimed at replacing stepcode.

name master description
espr Crate cargo-doc EXPRESS Language (ISO 10303-11) Compiler
espr-derive Crate cargo-doc proc-macro for running espr compiler
ruststep Crate cargo-doc Serialize/Deserialize STEP files
ruststep-derive Crate cargo-doc proc-macro helper crate

What is STEP?

  • STEP is a set of data serialize formats, schema language, and common schemas.
  • Data serialize format is called exchange structure in ISO document, but usually called STEP file, They are serialized as ASCII text (ISO-10303-21, usually with extension *.step, *.stp or *.p21) or XML (ISO-10303-28).
  • Schema language is called EXPRESS. EXPRESS file is usually named with extension *.exp.
  • Many common schemas are defined in ISO-10303 by EXPRESS language.
    • schemas contains copies
    • Application Protocol (AP) is a class of defined schemas, and the main target of this project.
    • AP203 is most famous one in CAD (computer-aided design) applications.

Rosetta Stone for web developers

Protocol Buffers STEP (ISO 10303)
Schema Language Protocol Buffers Version 3 Language Specification EXPRESS Language (ISO 10303-11)
Schema file *.proto file *.exp file
Data Encoded Binary data "Exchange structure", *.step file (ASCII, ISO 10303-21)
Compiler protoc esprc

Why ruststep?

  • STEP is not only for CAD
  • We have to generate many codes from EXPRESS schemas
    • Tables for SQL or NoSQL database, Object-Record Mapper (ORM)
    • on-wire, on-memory format
      • ASCII / XML are inefficient than binary format e.g. protocol buffers
  • Extensible EXPRESS compiler is required
    • Like as protoc generates gRPC binding using gRPC-plugin


Released features

  • 0.1.0
    • Minimal EXPRESS Compiler to generate Rust struct definitions
    • Deserialize STEP file (ASCII) to Rust struct

TODO until 1.0 release

Planned features

  • Binary format convertible into STEP ASCII and XML formats
  • RDB support, ORM generation


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The following directories are included for development purpose. They are not parts of this project.

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