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descriptionAn implementation of the tuple space data structure in Rust.
Michael Wagner (Micutio)



rustupolis - Tuple Space for Rust travis CI build status

An easy to use tuple space library written in Rust.

Also check out rustupolis' sister project goTupolis, a tuple space implementation in Go. Both projects are developed in tandem to learn about the Rust and Go languages, as well as the differences in implementing a similar library.

Why Tuple Spaces

Tuple spaces are a very cool application (and enabler) of decentralized computing. Even though not widely used, they are nevertheless useful to facilitate asynchronous and distributed communcation and data exchange and a nice to have tool for any programming language that cares about these things.

Additionally tuple spaces are a great way to explore a programming language. Their underlying concept is rather straight-forward and easy to grasp, the implementation touches on many prominent concepts in programming:

  • data structures and generics
  • multi-threading and concurrency
  • sockets and network communication

and various more.


The goal of this project is to implement a comprehensive tuple space library that fulfills the following criteria:

  1. General Use - the implementation should support the use of any kind of data the user wishes.
  2. Distributed - the tuple space should be able to run locally and remotely on multiple nodes.
  3. Parallelized - the core value, the tuple space should be accessible concurrently.


The tuple space is being implemented iteratively, where each iteration improves upon the previous by adding or refining features to achieve the next milestone.


  • local tuple space for storing tuples and retrieving them via pattern matching
  • local tuple space with multi-threaded and concurrent access
  • interactive command line interface for creating tuple spaces and pushing/pulling tuples
  • permanent storage / backup
  • remote tuple space server, accessible via network sockets
  • distributed tuple space on multiple servers, accessible via network
  • 'space of spaces', tuples can be tuple spaces themselves

Current Version

alpha 0.0.2

Development Notes: Testing and Logging

Run rust with the following parameters to achieve trace output and stack traces.

RUST_LOG=rustupolis=trace RUST_BACKTRACE=1 cargo test
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