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descriptionString concatenation
Trevor Spiteri (tspiteri)



String concatenation

The sconcat crate provides concatenation of characters, string slices and owned strings.

A concatenation is started with the Cat element, and any number of characters, string slices or strings can be concatenated using the + operator. The concatenation can be converted or appended to a String.

If the concatenation contains at least one owned string, the leftmost owned string will be resized to fit the whole concatentation, and the result will be stored in this string. The space is allocated once in the beginning, so at most one reallocation takes place.

This crate is free software licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license, at your option.

Basic use

Documentation for this crate is available. The crate provides one constant, Cat, that can be used to start a concatenation expression. The concatenation can then be converted or appended to a String. The final length is computed in the beginning so that at most one allocation or reallocation takes place.


use sconcat::Cat;

let cat1 = Cat + "Hello, " + "world! " + '☺';
let s1 = String::from(cat1);
assert_eq!(s1, "Hello, world! ☺");

let mut s2 = String::from("Hello");
s2 += Cat + ',' + " world" + String::from("! ") + '☺';
assert_eq!(s2, "Hello, world! ☺");

let mut buf = String::from("Hello, ");
// 7 bytes for "world! " and 3 bytes for '☺'
let ptr = buf.as_ptr();
// buf is large enough, so no reallocations take place
let cat3 = Cat + buf + "world! " + '☺';
let s3 = String::from(cat3);
assert_eq!(s3, "Hello, world! ☺");
assert_eq!(s3.as_ptr(), ptr);


To use sconcat in your crate, add extern crate sconcat; to the crate root and add sconcat as a dependency in Cargo.toml:

sconcat = "0.2"

Optional features

The crate supports an optional feature fast_fmt, which adds a dependency on the fast_fmt crate. When the feature is enabled, the concatenation implements fast_fmt::Fmt. To enable the feature, the dependency in Cargo.toml can be added as:

sconcat = { version = "0.2", features = ["fast_fmt"] }
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