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descriptionCommand-line interface to The Senpy Club API
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The Senpy Club CLI is a tool that provides quick access to The Senpy Club API from the command-line!

Get data fast from The Senpy Club API either as stdout or to a supported file format.

Quick links ^^^^^^^^^^^

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Installation ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Install from

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$ cargo install senpy-cli --force

Download from releases

Alternatively, prebuilt binaries for x86_64-based Linux systems are available in the releases <>_. If you are using a different operating system or architecture such as macOS or Windows; you'll have to build and install The Senpy Club CLI yourself!

Install from self-compile

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$ cargo install --git --branch main

If you are building and installing yourself; you must have Rust <>_ installed!

Usage ^^^^^

The Senpy Club CLI allows you to export to stdout in the form of ten-space-seperated columns or to a file in the JSON, YAML, or Dhall formats.


.. code-block:: shell

$ senpy languages # Prints all available languages in a single column $ senpy languages -t # Prints all available languages in one column and the fetch time in another $ senpy languages -f languages.json # Exports all available languages to a JSON file $ senpy languages -f languages.yaml # Exports all available languages to a YAML file $ senpy languages -f languages.dhall # Exports all available languages to a Dhall file $ senpy random | awk '{ print $1 }' # Prints the first column (language) from stdout on *nix-based environments

Feel free to explore the rest of the available commands with :code:senpy help!

License ^^^^^^^

GNU General Public License v3.0 <>_

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