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descriptionSEP-0040 Price Feed Oracle trait, client, and mock implementation



# SEP-0040 Oracle Exposes the interface of the SEP-0040 Price Feed Oracle alongside a test price oracle contract. SEP-0040 Definition: ## Safety This is **experimental software** and is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. We do **not give any warranties** and **will not be liable for any loss** incurred through any use of this codebase. ## Getting Started Add the package to your `Cargo.toml`: ```toml [dependencies] sep-40-oracle = "" ``` You can optionally include the `testutils` feature in your `dev-dependencies` to deploy a mock version of the `sep-40-oracle` for testing: ```toml [dev_dependencies] sep-40-oracle = { version = "", features = ["testutils"] } ``` ### Client and Trait This package exposes a client for interacting with SEP-0040 Oracles and a trait for contracts wishing to implement a SEP-0040 Oracle. Client usage: ```rust use sep_40_oracle::PriceFeedClient; let address = // address of the oracle let price_feed_client = PriceFeedClient::new(&env, &address); ``` Trait usage: ```rust use sep_40_oracle::PriceFeedTrait; use soroban_sdk::{contract, contractimpl}; #[contract] pub struct MyPriceFeed; #[contractimpl] impl PriceFeedTrait for MyPriceFeed { // impl the trait functions } ``` ### Mock PriceFeed Oracle This package exposes an example Soroban price feed oracle implementation. This is useful for testing protocols that depend on a `sep-0040` price feed oracle, including the ability to manipulate price feeds during a test. A WASM version of the contract can be deployed as follows: ```rust use sep_40_oracle::testutils::{MockPriceOracleClient, MockPriceOracleWASM}; use soroban_sdk::{testutils::Address as _, Address, Env, symbol_short, vec}; let env = Env::default(); let admin = Address::generate(&env); let xlm = Address::generate(&env); let oracle_id = env.register_contract_wasm(None, MockTokenWASM); let oracle_client = MockPriceOracleClient::new(&env, &oracle_id); oracle_client.set_data( &admin, &Asset::Other(symbol_short!("TEAPOT")), &vec![&env, Asset::Stellar(xlm)], &7, &(5 * 60 * 60) ); ```
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