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description`shellfirm` will intercept any risky patterns (default or defined by you) and prompt you a small challenge for double verification, kinda like a captcha for your terminal.
Elad Kaplan (kaplanelad)



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Opppppsss you did it again? :scream: :scream: :cold_sweat:

How do I save myself from myself?

  • rm -rf *
  • git reset --hard Before hitting the enter key?
  • kubectl delete ns Stop! you are going to delete a lot of resources
  • And many more!

Do you want to learn from other people's mistakes?

shellfirm will intercept any risky patterns and immediately prompt a small challenge that will double verify your action, think of it as a captcha for your terminal.

rm -rf /
* You are going to delete everything in the path.

Solve the challenge: 8 + 0 = ? (^C to cancel)

How does it work?

shellfirm will evaluate all the shell commands behind the scenes. If a risky pattern is detected, you will immediately get a prompt with the relevant warning to verify your command.


Setup your shell

Install via brew

brew tap kaplanelad/tap && brew install shellfirm

Or download the binary file from releases page, unzip the file and move to /usr/local/bin folder.

Validate shellfirm installation

shellfirm --version

Verify installation

mkdir /tmp/shellfirm
cd /tmp/shellfirm
git reset --hard

Select your shell

Oh My Zsh Download zsh plugin:
curl --create-dirs -o ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/shellfirm/shellfirm.plugin.zsh

Add shellfirm to the list of Oh My Zsh plugins when Zsh is loaded(inside ~/.zshrc):

plugins=(... shellfirm)
Bash Bash implementation is based on project, which adds a pre-exec hook to catch the command before executing.
# Download bash-preexec hook functions. 
curl -o ~/

# Source our file at the end of our bash profile (e.g. ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, or ~/.bash_profile)
echo '[[ -f ~/ ]] && source ~/' >> ~/.bashrc

# Download shellfirm pre-exec function
curl -o ~/

# Load pre-exec command on shell initialized
echo 'source ~/' >> ~/.bashrc
curl -o ~/.config/fish/conf.d/
# Add shellfirm to conf.d fishshell folder
curl -o ~/
echo 'source ~/' >> ~/.zshrc

:information_source: Open a new shell session

:eyes: :eyes: Verify installation :eyes: :eyes:

You should get a shellfirm prompt challenge.

If you didn't get the prompt challenge:

  1. Make sure the shellfirm --version returns a valid response.
  2. Make sure that you downloaded the Zsh plugin and added it to the Oh My Zsh plugins in .zshrc.

Risky commands

We have predefined a baseline of risky groups command that will be enabled by default, these are risky commands that might be destructive.

Group Enabled By Default
base true
git true
fs true
fs-strict false
kubernetes false
kubernetes-strict false
heroku false
terraform false

Add/Remove new group checks

shellfirm config update-groups

Change challenge:

Currently we support 3 different challenges when a risky command is intercepted:

  • Math - Default challenge which requires you to solve a math question.
  • Enter - Required only to press Enter to continue.
  • Yes - Required typing yes to continue.

You can change the default challenge by running the command:

shellfirm config challenge

At any time you can cancel a risky command by hitting ^C

Ignore pattern:

You can disable one or more patterns in a selected group by running the command:

shellfirm config ignore

Deny pattern command:

Restrict user run command by select pattern id's that you not allow to run in the shell:

shellfirm config deny

To Upgrade shellfirm

brew upgrade shellfirm


Thank you for your interest in contributing! Please refer to contribution guidelines for guidance.


Copyright (c) 2022 @kaplanelad. See LICENSE for further details.

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