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descriptionPlugin to obtain a client connected to Apache OpenDAL
Iulian Barbu (iulianbarbu)



# Shuttle OpenDAL This plugin allows services to connect to [Apache OpenDALâ„¢]( OpenDAL is a data access layer that allows users to easily and efficiently retrieve data from various storage services in a unified way. Users can connect OpenDAL to access data from a variety of storage services, including: s3, azblob, gcs, oss and [so on]( ## Usage **IMPORTANT**: Currently Shuttle isn't able to provision a storage for you (yet). This means you will have to create the storage service first and setup the secrets accordingly. Add `shuttle-opendal` to the dependencies for your service by running `cargo add shuttle-opendal`. This resource will be provided by adding the `shuttle_opendal::Opendal` attribute to your Shuttle `main` decorated function. It returns a `opendal::Operator` for you to connect the storage service. ### Example In the case of an Axum server, your main function will look like this: ```rust use opendal::Operator; use shuttle_axum::ShuttleAxum; #[shuttle_runtime::main] async fn app( #[shuttle_opendal::Opendal(scheme = "s3")] storage: Operator, ) -> ShuttleAxum {} ``` ### Parameters | Parameter | Type | Default | Description | |-----------|-------|------------|--------------------------------------------------| | scheme | `str` | `"memory"` | The scheme of the storage service to connect to. | All secrets are loaded from your `Secrets.toml` file. For instance, when using `s3`, you can configure the scheme to `s3` and specify the secrets: `bucket`, `access_key_id`, and `secret_access_key`. Visit the [OpenDAL Documentation]( for more information on how to setup the secrets for the storage service you want to connect to.
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