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descriptionSimple and convenient API for File System access
Jeremy Chone



# simple-fs [simple-fs]( is a crate that provides a set of convenient and common file APIs built on `std::fs`, [walkdir](, and [globset]( ## Concept `simple-fs` operates under the assumption that paths which are not `utf8` are not visible to the API, which simplifies many of the path-related APIs. The two constructs that follow this assumption are: - `SPath`, which ensures that the contained path is a valid UTF-8 path and includes a file name. - `SFile`, which carries the same guarantees as `SPath` but also checks if the file `is_file()`, confirming the file's existence at the time of the `SFile` construction. By establishing these rules, APIs such as `.file_name()`, `.file_stem()`, and `.to_str()` are much simpler, as they all return `&str`. The crate also includes other convenient, common APIs: - `read_to_string`, which reports the file path if not found. - `get_buf_reader`, which also reports the file path if not found or in case of an error. - `load_json` and `save_json` with the `with-json` feature. - `load_toml` and `save_toml` with the `with-toml` feature. - `iter_files(dir, include_globs: &[&str], exclude_globs: &[&str]) -> Result` For more control, it is recommended to use `std::fs`, `walkdir`, `globset`, and other crates directly. ## Cargo Features - `with-json` - For `load_json`, `save_json`, `save_json_pretty` - `with-toml` - For `load_toml`, `save_toml` - `bin-nums` - For `save_be_f64`, `save_le_f64`, `load_be_f64`, ... This is a very early implementation, with more to come. Happy coding!
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