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descriptionA simple tool to run CICD pipelines locally



# SimpleCI - Dead simple CI/CD pipeline executor > > :warning: SimpleCI was originaly written in Python. > Some features may be missing for now! > See python version repo [here]( Simple-CI is a CI/CD pipeline executor similar to gitlab CI/CD but in local. It's triggered by a git hook after a commit and executes directives given by user in a simple script named .simple-ci.yml, placed at the root of the directory. The artifacts (logs, compiled binairies, etc) are stored in a folder at the same level that the project folder named [project name]-simple-ci. ## Why simple-CI? Automation pipelines like GitLab CI/CD are great tools for improving software development. However, the syntax can be tidious and the user relies completely on gitlab and it's runners (even though you can create your own runners). Furthermore, installing tools like gitlab or jenkins locally consumes a lot of resources and requires having them running in the background. Simple-CI/CD solves these issues by providing a dead simple way for the user to run a CI/CD pipeline: 1. Start simple-ci in your repository. 2. Build your pipeline in the .simple-ci.yml file. 3. Commit a change with git and let the pipeline execute itself. 4. Profit! Check the [Wiki]( for more in-depth documentation. ## Commands - `simpleci start`: Create the git hook. - `simpleci stop`: Delete git hook (The pipeline will not be executed). - `simpleci init`: Create the git hook and the .simple-ci.yml file. - `simpleci exec`: Executes the pipeline. - `simpleci clean`: Remove all artifacts files. ## Simple example of .simple-ci.yml script ``` yaml variables: GLOBAL_VAR: "last" stages: - stage1 - stage2 stage1: variables: MYVAR: "second" jobs: - job1 - job2 stage2: inside_docker: image: ruby:2.7 path: /tmp/ jobs: - job3 job1: variables: fie_name: "new_file" artifacts: paths: - new_file script: - echo "This is the first job." - touch $file_name job2: inside_docker: image: ubuntu path: / script: - echo "This is the $MYVAR job." job3: script: - echo "This is the $GLOBAL_VAR job, that will be executed after stage1 is completed." ``` You will find the complete syntax documentation on the [Wiki]( ## Installation ``` bash cargo install simpleci ``` ### Dependencies - bash - git ## Contributing Feel free to submit any issues is you want to contribute. ## Roadmap - [x] Basic functionnality: script, job and stage pipelines - [x] Keyword: Variables (define environment variables before job execution) - [x] Pipeline logs - [x] Gitlab CI/CD pipeline - [ ] Config file - [ ] Git hook creation - [ ] Multi-language support - [ ] Keyword: Docker (execute jobs in docker) - [ ] Keyword: Artifacts (Files saved after pipeline execution) - [ ] Keyword: Cache (Use previous files created in previous jobs) - [ ] Add tests - [ ] only-if (test the condition. if true -> run the job) - [ ] never-if (test the condition. if true -> don't run the job) - [ ] Custom hooks (pre-commit, post-commit, pre-push...) - [ ] secrets (store variables without displaying them) - [ ] Custom shell (bash, fish, zsh...) - [ ] Custom output color
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