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descriptionA utility for reading and writing flash contents on Sinowealth 8051-based HID devices through the commonly found ISP bootloader
Karolis Stasaitis (carlossless)




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A utility for reading and writing flash contents on Sinowealth 8051-based devices (keyboards and mice) since they all seem to have similar ISP bootloaders.


This is an experimental tool, so use it at your own risk.



⚠️ A read operation will set an LJMP (0x02) opcode at address <firmware_size-5> if it's not already present there. When this opcode is set, the bootloader considers the main firmware enabled and jumps to it when the device is powered on. This opcode should already be set on most devices and therefore the read operation should not cause any issues.

⚠️ During reading the ISP bootloader will redirect values in 0x0001 - 0x0002 to <firmware_size-4> - <firmware_size-3>. Because of this, the produced payload will be different from how memory is actually laid out in the MCU flash.

# reads firmware excluding isp bootloader 
sinowealth-kb-tool read -p nuphy-air60 foobar.hex

# reads only isp bootloader section
sinowealth-kb-tool read -p nuphy-air60 -b bootloader.hex

# full dump including firmware and bootloader
sinowealth-kb-tool read -p nuphy-air60 --full full.hex

# custom device
sinowealth-kb-tool read \
    --vendor_id 0x05ac \
    --product_id 0x024f \
    --firmware_size 61440 \
    --bootloader_size 4096 \ # optional
    --page_size 2048 \ # optional
    --isp_iface_num 1 \ # optional
    --isp_usage_page 0xff00 \ # optional
    --isp_usage 0x0001 \ # optional
    --isp_index 0 \ # optional
    --reboot false \ # optional


⚠️ Same as the read operation, the ISP bootloader will write values meant for addresses 0x0001-0x0002 to <firmware_size-4> - <firmware_size-3>.

# overwrites firmware (does not touch the bootloader section)
sinowealth-kb-tool write -p nuphy-air60 foobar.hex

# custom device
sinowealth-kb-tool write \
    --vendor_id 0x05ac \
    --product_id 0x024f \
    --firmware_size 61440 \
    --bootloader_size 4096 \ # optional
    --page_size 2048 \ # optional
    --isp_iface_num 1 \ # optional
    --isp_usage_page 0xff00 \ # optional
    --isp_usage 0x0001 \ # optional
    --isp_index 0 \ # optional
    --reboot false \ # optional

Supported Hardware


Model ISP MD5 MCU MCU Label Tested Read Tested Write
Digital Alliance Meca Warrior X 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90 SH68F90S
E-Yooso Z11 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90? BYK901
Genesis Thor 300 RGB 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90 SH68F90S
Genesis Thor 300 e57490acebcaabfcff84a0ff013955d9 SH68F881 SH68F881W
Hykker X Range 2017 (RE-K70-BYK800) 13df4ce2933f9654ffef80d6a3c27199 SH68F881 BYK801
Leobog Hi75 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
Machenike K500-B61 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90? BYK916
NuPhy Air60 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
NuPhy Air75 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
NuPhy Air96 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
NuPhy Halo65 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
Redragon K530 Draconic PRO cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90A BYK916
Redragon K614 Anivia 60% 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90A BYK916
Redragon K617 FIZZ 60% 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90A BYK916
Redragon K641 SHACO PRO 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
Redragon K658 PRO SE 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90A BYK916
Royal Kludge RK100 cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90? BYK916
Royal Kludge RK61 3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d SH68F90? BYK916
Royal Kludge RK68 BT Dual cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90? BYK901
Royal Kludge RK68 ISO Return SH68F90? BYK916
Royal Kludge RK71 cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90?
Royal Kludge RK84 cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90? BYK916
Royal Kludge RKG68 cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90A SH68F90AS
Terport TR95 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90A BYK916
Weikav Sugar65 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90 SH68F90S
Xinmeng K916 cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa SH68F90
Xinmeng M71 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90A SH68F90AS
Xinmeng XM-RF68 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90 SH68F90U
Yunzii AL71 2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 SH68F90A SH68F90AS


Model ISP MD5 MCU MCU Label Tested Read Tested Write
Glorious Model O 46459c31e58194fa076b8ce8fb1f3eaa BY8948
Trust GXT 960 620f0b67a91f7f74151bc5be745b7110 BY8801

Bootloader Support


ISP MD5 Windows macOS Linux
13df4ce2933f9654ffef80d6a3c27199 ? ? ok
2d169670eae0d36eae8188562c1f66e8 ok ? ok
3e0ebd0c440af5236d7ff8872343f85d ok ok ok
46459c31e58194fa076b8ce8fb1f3eaa ? ? ok
620f0b67a91f7f74151bc5be745b7110 ? fail1 ok
cfc8661da8c9d7e351b36c0a763426aa ok fail1 ok
e57490acebcaabfcff84a0ff013955d9 ok ? ?



To enable running this tool without superuser privileges add the following udev rule with xxxx and yyyy replaced with your device Vendor ID and Product ID respectively.

# /etc/udev/rules.d/plugdev.rule
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="xxxx", ATTRS{idProduct}=="yyyy", MODE="0660", GROUP="plugdev"
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0603", ATTRS{idProduct}=="1020", MODE="0660", GROUP="plugdev"

Make sure your user is part of the plugdev group.


If you encounter errors like:

hid_open_path: failed to open IOHIDDevice from mach entry...

Ensure that your terminal application has access to input monitoring.


Thanks to @gashtaan for analyzing and explaining the inner workings of the ISP bootloaders. Without his help, this tool wouldn't be here!


  1. macOS does not recognize the composite device as an HID device 2

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