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descriptionStreaming Network Overlay Connection Arbitration Tunnel
Rust (github:microsoft:rust)




Streaming Network Overlay Connection Arbitration Tunnel License: MIT License: Apache 2.0

snocat-cli is a command-line tool for TCP reverse tunnelling over the QUIC protocol. It allows small-scale port redirection akin to SSH Remote Forwarding.


Launching a server:

snocat-cli server \
  --quic \
  --ports 8080:8090

Binding to a server:

snocat-cli client \
  --driver localhost:9090 \
  --target $TARGET \
  --san localhost

Certificate Generation

As QUIC requires a certificate to operate, snocat-cli includes a tool for self-signed certificate generation, which- while intended for development, can also be used in production when full WebPKI is unnecessary for your use-case.

See snocat-cli cert --help for self-signed certificate generation instructions.

snocat-cli does not use the system certificate registry to verify certificates, and only uses the certificate you provide as the authority.

Note that the authority can be a chain, with sequence of signers showing that the server's chosen cert is trusted by the given authority.

For anything beyond this tool's scope, openssl is the de facto solution for certificate generation and management. snocat-cli operates on PEM certificates.


For debug usage, SSLKEYLOGFILE and RUST_LOG parameters are supported.

SSLKEYLOGFILE allows interception with Wireshark TLS Decryption and QUIC dissection.

For example usage, snocat-cli debugging is often performed with a command-line such as the following:

SSLKEYLOGFILE=~/keylog.ssl.txt RUST_LOG="trace,quinn=warn,quinn_proto=warn" \
  cargo run -- client --authority $SERVER_CERT \
    --driver localhost:9090 \
    --target $TARGET \
    --san localhost

See in the official project repository for further development and contribution guidance.

Third-Party Dependencies

Primary crates used include the Tokio stack and futures-rs for async-await capabilities, Quinn for its QUIC implementation.

Various other dependencies are included under their respective licenses, and may be found in Cargo.toml.

Notable exceptions from MIT or MIT OR Apache 2.0 licensing in dependencies are the following crates:

  • ring for TLS, distributed under a BoringSSL-variant, ISC-style permissive license
  • untrusted required by ring for parsing of TLS, distributed under an ISC-style permissive license
  • webpki for TLS WebPKI certificate handling, distributed under an ISC-style permissive license
  • memchr, byteorder, regex-automata are licensed under Unlicense OR MIT
  • prost, prost-types, prost-derive, and prost-build, licensed solely under the Apache-2.0 license
  • ryu required by serde_json for floating point parsing from json, licensed under Apache-2.0 OR BSL-1.0

See for license details of individual crates, and links to their project webpages.


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Code of Conduct

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