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descriptionA bunch of solitaires and solitaire construction kit for terminals
Vladimir Markelov (VladimirMarkelov)



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SolKit is a solitaire construction kit and a lot of playable solitaires out of the box. The application contains 26 built-in solitaires (23 distinct ones and 3 modifications). Moreover, you can create a new solitaire with your own rules and test it. If a new solitaire looks good to you, please, send me its rules(the file you passed to solkit) or open an PR and I'll include it into a new release. The built-in set of rules is limited, but you can experiment with different rule combinations and modifications:

  • mix of Free cell and Klondike, or American Toad and Klondike
  • Klondike with fewer or greater number of columns
  • Klondike with two decks and 4 foundations with ascending order starting from Ace, and other 4 foundations in descending order starting from King
  • brand new solitaires, like included Pile'em up
  • and many more another ways to have fun with solitaires.

Look and feel

The application provides two themes. The dark one(default one) that looks like a regular terminal application with black background:

Dark theme

dark theme with four suit colors enabled:

Dark theme with four suit colors

and Classic theme that looks like a table to play card games with green background:

Classic theme

The game is optimized for playing with keyboard, but mouse can be used as well(few terminals still do not support mouse, including new Windows Terminal, but it works in Windows cmd.exe terminal). Keyboard and mouse controls are describes in details in user's manual.


The application can be compiled from source, or installed using cargo:

$ cargo install solkit

You need Rust compiler that supports Rust 2018 edition to do it. If you want to upgrade existing SolKit, execute the following command:

$ cargo install solkit --force

Pre-compiled binaries

For Windows and Linux(musl-based build) you can download pre-compiled 64-bit binaries from Release page.

Portable mode

By default, solkit saves all settings and statistics to user's configuration directory:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\rionnag\solkit
  • Linux: ~/.config/rionnag/solkit

If you create an empty file config.toml(or copy it from user's configuration directory) in the same directory where solkit executable binary is, the application turns a portable one and since the next launch it will save its settings and your statistics local to the binary.

Note: if you played for a while and want to keep you statistics after making the application portable, do not forget to copy both files:

  • config.toml: various application settings, including the last played solitaire
  • stats.toml: detailed statistics for each played solitaire


MIT or Apache 2.0


Thank you all who play Solkit and send me new solitaires, report bugs, and propose new features.

Feel free to send bugs, suggestions, and pull requests.

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