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descriptionA driver and graphics library for st7789 displays, primarily used on a Raspberry Pi
Eric Ene



# st7789-rs ## Information ### What is this? - A driver - Primarily for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 - For TFT ST7789 displays - A pet project - I'm mainly making this for fun, but I thought I'd publish it just in case it'd be useful for anyone else - A port (kind of) - Although many elements of this package are my own, I have used [this library]( as a reference for some of the trickier stuff (mainly the setup commands) ### What is this *not*? - Well-documented - Since this is more of a personal thing, documentation isn't a very high priority at the moment. I will, however, add documentation and remove this bullet point eventually - All-encompassing - This is not made or tested for any arbitrary Pi-like computer/microcontroller - This is not tested on every type of ST7789 display - Currently only tested on a Waveshare 1.9" LCD - Official - I am not affiliated in any way shape or form with Waveshare or the Raspberry Pi Foundation ### Usage ```rust // create and init display device let mut device = ST7789::new( 0, 0, CS, DC, BL, 60_000_000 ) .with_reset(RST) .with_offset(OFF_X, OFF_Y) // optional .with_dimensions(WIDTH, HEIGHT) // optional .with_rotation(90.0); // optional, currently does nothing. // initialize the device device.init(); // now go crazy ```
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