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descriptionStrict types: confined generalized algebraic data types (GADT)
Dr. Maxim Orlovsky (dr-orlovsky)



# Strict types AST and typelib implementation #### Protobufs for functional programming This is a set of libraries for working with abstract syntax trees and libraries of [strict types] – type system made with category theory which ensures provable properties and bounds for the in-memory and serialized type representation. Strict types is a formal notation for defining and serializing [generalized algebraic data types (GADT)][gadt] in a deterministic and confined way. It is developed with [type theory] in mind. Strict Types are: * __schema-based__ (with the schema being strict encoding notation), * __semantic__, i.e. defines types not just as they are layed out in memory, but also depending on their meaning, * __deterministic__, i.e. produces the same result for a given type, * __portabile__, i.e. can run on ahy hardware architecture and OS, including low-performant embedded systems, * __confined__, i.e. provides guarantees and static analysis on a maximum size of the typed data, * __formally verifiabile__. To learn more about strict encoding [read the spec]( Strict types works with type definitions. It allows: - static analysis of data types, like * defining semantic type ids; * specifying exact memory layout; * type equivalence in terms of semantics and memory layout; * size of serialized data - composing types into type libraries; - versioning type libraries basing on the semantic types; The library allows to generate & compile strict type libraries (STL) from rust types implementing `StrictEncoding` trait -- and ensures that the deserialization with `StrictDecode` follows the same memory and semantic layout. ## Strict Types Library The library is able to reflect on itself, producing replica of its rust data types in strict types system. Strict types library id: `stl:9KALDYR8Nyjq4FdMW6kYoL7vdkWnqPqNuFnmE9qHpNjZ#lagoon-rodent-option` Import this lib by putting in the file header `import lagoon_rodent_option_9KALDYR8Nyjq4FdMW6kYoL7vdkWnqPqNuFnmE9qHpNjZ as StrictTypes` Source code can be found in [`stl/StrictTypes.sty`] file. ## Contributing [](../ ## License The libraries are distributed on the terms of [Apache 2.0 license](LICENSE). [strict types]: [gadt]: [type theory]:
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