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descriptionA autonomous bot launcher for Minecraft
Andrew Gazelka (andrewgazelka)



SwarmBot — tested on 2b2t with hundreds of bots

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An autonomous bot launcher which can launch hundreds of bots at once bot

Why use this?

  • Stress testing a server. When launching a server, it is often very hard to predict what CPU usage will be until SOTW. This will allow a developer to make optimizations to slow server plugins pre-launch.
  • Anarchy servers. If an anarchy server allows automation mods, SwarmBot can be used to build, destroy, or attack with hundreds of bots.

What makes this unique?

  • Integrated. All bots run in a single process. This allows for easy communication between bots and much more efficient use of memory as the same chunk does not have to be stored multiple times.
  • Performant. I am able to run hundreds of bots off of my 2015 laptop with under 10% CPU. This is because SwarmBot does not depend on the default Minecraft client. Instead, it completely re-implements physics and the Minecraft protocol in Rust which allows for incredibly fast speeds.
  • Easy. It is very easy to launch as many bots as you want. Simply do ./swarmbot -c {number} {server ip},


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  • SOCKS5 — every bot can be launched through a separate IP using a SOCKS proxy.
  • Account Caching — valid accounts will be cached and invalid accounts will be pruned.
  • Incremental path navigation#goto
  • Mining #mine — mines in 7×y×7 regions, where y is the highest block in the chunk
  • Parkour the best bot for parkouring at bedrock that I know of.
  • Bucket falling the bot can fall hundreds of blocks safely by using a water bucket.

MC Versions

If you want to support a version, you will need to implement the Minecraft trait for that version.

  • ✅ 1.12.*
  • ⏳ 1.16 — planned
  • Minecraft Bedrock — planned


Bot Launcher

  1. Install cargo: https://rustup.rs/
  2. Run cargo install swarm-bot
  3. You can now execute swarm-bot executable to launch swarm bot

Forge Mod

A forge mod is needed to interact with the bots. Follow the instructions here


See ./swarmbot --help


You will need two files in the current working directory. Make sure proxies are not hella sketch, they are used for Mojang authentication as well as logging in. If Mojang deems your proxy sketch, the alt account may get locked. Proxies are recommended as Mojang rate limits auth requests.

  • proxies.csv a CSV (separated by :) of proxies ip:port:user:pass
  • users.csv a CSV (separated by :) of users email:pass

both CSVs have no header.


As of d4b6d27444347a2bb54f82d212b1ad5a70126edf the structure is as follows

Type Path
A* progressions moves.rs
A* pathfind/incremental/mod.rs
Physics physics/mod.rs
Path follower follow/mod.rs
Commands bot.rs
1.12 Protocol v340/mod.rs
Runner runner.rs
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