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descriptionRust bindings for xlock, suitable for writing a custom "mode".
Daniel Müller (d-e-s-o)




tetromino-xlock-bindings provides the means for creating bindings for xlock(1) -- a popular X11 screen lock. The bindings are suitable for writing a custom "mode", e.g., in the form of a module.


The crate comes with pre-generated bindings for a given version of xlock that can be used directly as any other crate. xlock appears to be taking compatibility into account and so there is a chance that bindings generated for one version end up producing binaries that are compatible with another version. It also seems as if few if any configured features affect the ABI or API, likely rendering the default bindings suitable in a reasonable number of use cases.

That being said, the crate provides the means for generating updated bindings as follows:

  • a build with the download-xlock-source feature enabled will download the xlock source code into xlock-src/
    • the XLOCK_VERSION environment variable is honored, specifying the version to download (defaults to 5.73)
    • alternatively, the XLOCK_SRC_ARCHIVE_URL environment variable can be used to specify a URL of a tar.xz that will be downloaded and extracted into xlock-src/
  • if the generate-xlock-bindings feature is enabled, bindings.rs will be regenerated
    • by default bindings will be generated based on contents in xlock-src/
    • however, if the XLOCK_SRC_ROOT environment variable is set an attempt is made to create them based on data in the referenced directory

If you don't have xlock installed, you can build it directly from xlock-src (after downloading the source code; see above). Please refer to instructions provided in the source code.

Note that by default all xlock "modes" are statically linked into the binary at build time, making it rather cumbersome to ship a new "mode". In recent versions xlock comes with experimental support for modules (shared objects), which can be discovered at start-up time. You most likely want to configure xlock to include support for modules (refer to their build instructions for how to go about that).

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