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descriptionA markdown blog platform that lets you in control of your data
Thiago Massari Guedes



# Texted 2 - Free your text! Why did I create one blog system instead of using some existing blog platform? 1. I am writing in some other platforms, such as [dev.to/thiagomg](https://dev.to/thiagomg) however if they lose their data or close their platform, I don't want to lose what I've written 2. I wanted to learn Rust, therefore I created a blog system 3. If I get the blog posts, with the way they are structured here and add to github/gitlab/etc, it will just work. ## Getting started Installing ```bash cargo install texted2 ``` Generating a sample configuration ```bash # Generates a config file in the current directory texted2 --generate-cfg -c texted2.toml # Or to generate in the default config directory texted2 --generate-cfg ``` ### Building from sources How to build? ```bash cargo build --release ``` How to run? ```bash cargo run --bin texted2 ``` ## How to personalise my site? You can create your HTML templates using [mustache templates](https://mustache.github.io). The examples show all supported fields Templates can have images, css and js, etc. Those support files should live in the public directory In the file `texted.toml`, you can configure the location in the keys: - template_dir - public_dir ## How to add posts and pages? Posts live in the directory pointed in the configuration key `posts_dir` and pages in the key `pages_dir` The only difference between pages and posts are: 1. Pages are rendered using page.tpl template. Posts are rendered using view.tpl template 2. Posts are listed the the list API (`server-address/list`) while pages are not listed From now on, all said about posts directory structure also is the same for pages There are 2 ways to add posts. Inside posts configured directory, you can create a mardown file or a directory. ### File posts Let's say your server is running in your local host, port 8080 ( and posts are inside the post directory. File posts are text-only posts (or posts without local images). The file name will be used as url. E.g. The file post/post_without_images.md will be accesible using the url ### Directory posts Directories containing a file index.md (configurable in the file texted.toml), will be treated as a post. E.g. The directory post/post_with_image will be accesible using the url ## Structure of a post ### Header Each post or page markdown file contains a header with a unique identification, date and author. It is followed by the post title. ``` [ID]: # (21c1e9ad-4ebb-4168-a543-fbf77cc35a85) [DATE]: # (2024-02-12 22:54:00.000) [AUTHOR]: # (thiago) # How does it work? ``` Everything after that is the body of the post ### More In the post list, what is presented is a part of the post body. To determine when it stops, you add the `` tag. See post_without_images.md or post_with_image/index.md for an example ### Tip If you run the texted2-post binary, it will create a post skeleton with header, title and sample body to you.
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