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descriptionA modern task management tool
Dimitri Sabadie (hadronized)



toodoux, a task manager in CLI / TUI

toodoux – English/French pun between todo (EN) and doux (FR, soft) — is a task management system that aims to be super simple to operate but yet provide access to powerful features. It is heavily mainly based on taskwarrior, for its powerful CLI and presentation. However, the opinionated task workflow in toodoux is rather different from what you would find in taskwarrior.

Just like taskwarrior, toodoux is a CLI application and not a plugin for an editor. It will remain a CLI application and contributions are welcomed as long as they keep that in mind (see the contributing guide). No support for any editor will be added directly into toodoux. It doesn’t prevent us to provide libraries and helpers to help external applications integrate toodoux directly, but it will not be on our side.

toodoux is made out of two main components:

  • The toodoux Rust crate. This library crate allows other Rust developer to manipulate and use toodoux capabilities from within a developer perspective. It also ships the binary version.
  • The td binary, which uses the toodoux crate. It is what people will most likely use.

Some other components might be shipped, such as completions for typical shells (bash, zsh and fish), man pages, etc.


The exhaustive feature set is available here.

CLI User Guide

The user guide is availble here.

User configuration

The user configuration is available here.


Main listing view.

Capturing tasks from the CLI with a simple metadata syntax.

Display the current state of a task.

Display the current state of a task and its history in time.

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