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descriptionTTDL - Terminal ToDo List manager
Vladimir Markelov (VladimirMarkelov)



TTDL (Terminal ToDo List)


A CLI tool to manage todo lists in todo.txt format. A short demo of TTDL in action:

TTDL in action

For better readability, you can enable syntax highlighting (via command-line option --syntax or by enabling it in the configuration file). Colors for tags, projects, contexts, and hashtags are customizable: see details in the configuration file, section [syntax]. Example of the same todo output with default options and with syntax highlighting on:

TTDL syntax highlighting demo


The application can be compiled from source, or installed using cargo:

$ cargo install ttdl

You need Rust compiler that supports Rust 2018 edition (Rust 1.31 or newer) to do it. If you want to upgrade existing ttdl execute the following command:

$ cargo install ttdl --force

Precompiled binaries

For Windows and Ubuntu you can download precompiled binaries from Release page.

  • Windows binary works on Windows 7 or newer Windows.
  • Ubuntu binary tested on Ubuntu 16 but should work on Ubuntu 18 (and maybe on other deb-based Linux distributions)

Known issues

Adding a new todo, append or prepend a text to existing todo results in error:

It may happen if the text starts with(or contains only) a project or a context:

$ ttdl add "+myproject"
Subject is empty

Workaround: add a space between quotation mark and '+' or '@' symbol. The todo will be added without leading space:

$ ttdl add " +myproject"
Added todo:
# D P Created    Finished   Due        Threshold  Subject
8                                                 +myproject


TTDL is a standalone binary and it does not create any files in user's directory. But at start, it checks for a configuration file - please see example configuration (ttdl.toml)[./ttdl.toml] in user's configuration directory and loads it. Local configuration files are supported as well. Locations where TTDL looks for a configuration file:

  • current working directory
  • Linux: ~/.config/ttdl/ttdl.toml
  • Windows: c:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\ttdl\ttdl.toml
  • OSX: /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/ttdl/ttdl.toml

To check in which directory TTDL looks for its configuration file, please refer to the table Features, function name config_dir.

How to use

Run TTDL with the command line:

ttdl [command] [ID range] [subject] [filter options] [extra options]

Supported commands

The list of available command is short but the commands are powerful. All commands support group operations and dry run mode. Except add command that adds a new todo one at a time. Please, refer to section "Examples", it provides a handful of useful examples of how to filter and modify todo list.


  • add - add a new todo;
  • list - show list of todo items. By default it displays all incomplete todos;
  • done - mark selected todos completed. If a todo is recurrent its due date moves to the next date but the todo remains incomplete;
  • undone - remove finished mark from completed todos;
  • remove - deletes the selected todos;
  • clean - moves completed todos from main file to done.txt. The file done.txt is created(if it does not exist) in the same directory where main todo list file is located;
  • edit - modify one or few properties for the selected todos. One exception: modifying todo's subject changes only the first selected todo, others are skipped;
  • append - adds a text to the end of the selected todos (space between old text and new one is added automatically);
  • prepend - inserts a new text at the beginning of the selected todos (space between old text and new one is added automatically);
  • start - activate todo's timer;
  • stop - stop todo's timer and update time spent on the todo;
  • stats - display todo statistics: total number of todos, done and overdue ones, spent time, and detailed statistics grouped by project and context.
  • postpone - push task's due date (modifies only incomplete tasks with due date defined), argument is the number of days/weeks/months/years to push the date in format: single digit and d/w/m/y without a space between them

Most of the commands can be abbreviated. Please refer to built-in TTDL help to get a list of full command names and their aliases.

NOTE: done moves a recurrent todo's due date to the next one, but it does not check if the new due date is in the future (it is by design). So, if a monthly task is 2 months overdue, you have to execute ttdl done ID two times to push it to the incoming month or manually set a new due date with the command ttdl edit ID --set-due=YYYY-MM-DD.

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