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descriptionThis program analyzes a json file produced with `typos` and makes commits for each correction.



# Description `typos-git-commit` is a command line tool that processes a [`typos`](https://crates.io/crates/typos-cli) generated json file in order to : 1. correct typos in detected files (via sed) 2. make a commit for each correction (via a simple git commit command) grouping every affected file with that correction in a single commit. It has been written for a one shot project but one may find it to be useful. Use `typos-git-commit --help` to get usage help. # Usage You can use the option `--noop` to print what will be executed without effectively execute anything. If you need to have a summary of all typos you can use `--only-list-typos` option. You can add some details to this summary with `--details` option. You can filter out what will be done using `--exclude-file`, `--exclude-typo` and `--exclude-correction` (options may be invoked more than once) to exclude a specific file, typo or correction from being taken into account. Follow these steps to correct the typos found in all file but Python and Javascript scripts of a project: * Generate a json file with `typos`, for instance: `typos doc/ --exclude *.py --exclude *.js --format json >typos.json` * In the directory of the repository use `typos-git-commit` : `typos-git-commit --filename typos.json`. This command will correct only typos with more than 5 (by default) characters and the ones that got only one correction proposal. To modify the minimum length one may use `--minlen`. * Review carefully the generated commits even if everything is done to mitigate errors when replacing typos there are situations where this correction is really an error. * `--message` option allows to change your commit message. One may use the special notations {typo} and {correction} that will be replaced respectively by the typo to be corrected and the correction of that typo. Tip: use `--noop` to see how the git message will be before applying. # Completion The command has no short version arguments except for `--help` (`-h`) and `--version` (`-V`) thus to ease writing arguments at command line typos-git-commit can generate shell's completion scripts with `--completion bash` option (see help to get all supported shells). * Bash completion script is generated using `typos-git-commit --completion bash`. You can add this completion script to your local profile using these commands: ``` mkdir -p ~/.local/share/bash-completion/completions typos-git-commit --completion bash > ~/.local/share/bash-completion/completions/typos-git-commit ``` # Changelog See [ChangeLog](ChangeLog) file or use `typos-git-commit --changelog`
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