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descriptionExtends the char type to provide access to most fields of the UCD, Unicode Character Database, as of version 9.0.0. It aims to be compact, fast, and use minimal dependencies (only rust's core crate). Not all properties are included, most notably character names.




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This library extends the inbuilt char type with the Codepoint trait, which implements 100 properties of the UCD (Unicode Character Database). It aims to be fast and compact, and to have minimal dependencies (it does not require the rust standard library so only needs rust's core crate).

extern crate ucd;
use ucd::Codepoint;

fn main() {
    let salawat: char = 'ﷺ';
    let decomp: String = salawat.decomposition_map().collect();
    println!("{} -> {}", salawat, decomp);
    // ﷺ -> صلى الله عليه وسلم

Though the library is fairly extensive, it is not complete. The properties it lacks are:

  • Character names and aliases
  • Unihan properties
  • Tangut source data
  • Named sequences
  • Standardised variants
  • CJK Radicals
  • Emoji source data

Data was compressed as arrays of ranges of codepoints having each value for each property, excluding the most common value. Lookup is then implemented by a binary search which should provide O(1) access. A very unscientific test suggests each lookup takes around 100ns on a core i5 processor.


Please note that this data has been derived from the flat XML version of the UCD. Though this is published by Unicode, it is not the official version of the database. As such, it cannot be guaranteed that this library is entirely consistent with the official database. The unit tests do however suggest consistency with the XML database at least.


Note, in most cases enum values are simply the full name of the property value converted to camelcase. Perhaps I will eventually create a rustdoc version that will be more helpful.

In the tables below, the first column is the name of the property, and the second column is the method name. The methods are implemented via the ucd::Codepoint trait on char.

General Method Return Type Note
Age age Option<(u8,u8)> Return None if the character is unassigned, else a tuple of major and minor age
Block block Option<UnicodeBlock>
General_Category category UnicodeCategory Return Unassigned if unassigned
ISO_Comment (deprecated, stabilized) iso_comment &str All characters are null, i.e. "" is returned
Function and Appearance Method Return Type Note
Alphabetic Codepoint::is_alphabetic or is_alpha bool Rust's char already defines a method is_alphabetic which shadows this implementation and provides slightly different results (possibly by using an outdated version of the UCD). Use the namespace, or the is_alpha alias instead.
ASCII_Hex_Digit is_hex_digit_ascii bool
Dash is_dash bool
Default_Ignorable_Code_Point is_default_ignorable bool
Deprecated is_deprecated bool
Diacritic is_diacritic bool
Extender is_extender bool
Hex_Digit is_hex_digit bool
Hyphen (deprecated, stabilized) is_hyphen bool
Logical_Order_Exception is_logical_order_exception bool
Math is_math bool
Noncharacter_Code_Point is_noncharacter bool
Other_Alphabetic is_alphabetic_other bool
Other_Default_Ignorable_Code_Point is_default_ignorable_other bool
Other_Math is_math_other bool
Prepended_Concatenation_Mark is_prepended_concatentation_mark bool
Quotation_Mark is_quotation_mark bool
Sentence_Terminal is_sentence_terminal bool
Soft_Dotted is_soft_dotted bool
Terminal_Punctuation is_terminal_punctuation bool
Variation_Selector is_variation_selector bool
White_Space Codepoint::is_whitespace or is_white bool Again, char shadows this with its own implementation so use the namespace or alias.
Numeric Method Return Type Note
Numeric_Type numeric_type Option<NumericType>
Numeric_Value numeric_value Option<Number> The Number type is an enum of Integer(i64) and Rational(i32,u32), to cover values as large as 10^12 and as small as 1/160.
Identifiers and Syntax Method Return Type Note
ID_Continue is_id_continue bool
ID_Start is_id_start bool
Other_ID_Continue is_id_continue_other bool
Other_ID_Start is_id_start_other bool
Pattern_Syntax is_pattern_syntax bool
Pattern_White_Space is_pattern_whitespace bool
XID_Continue is_id_continue_nfkc bool
XID_Start is_id_start_nfkc bool
Scripts Method Return Type Note
East_Asian_Width east_asian_width EastAsianWidth
Hangul_Syllable_Type hangul_syllable_type Option<HangulSyllableType>
Ideographic is_ideograph bool
IDS_Binary_Operator is_ideograph_description_sequence_binary_operator bool
IDS_Trinary_Operator is_ideograph_description_sequence_trinary_operator bool
Indic_Positional_Category indic_positional_category Option<IndicPositionalCategory>
Indic_Syllabic_Category indic_syllabic_category Option<IndicSyllabicCategory>
Jamo_Short_Name jamo_short_name Option<&str>
Join_Control join_control bool
Joining_Group joining_group JoiningGroup
Joining_Type joining_type JoiningType
Radical is_ideograph_description_sequence_radical bool
Script script Option<Script>
Script_Extensions script_extensions Option<&[Script]>
Unified_Ideograph is_ideograph_unified bool
Bidirectionality Method Return Type Note
Bidi_Class bidi_class BidiClass
Bidi_Control bidi_is_control bool
Bidi_Mirrored bidi_is_mirrored bool
Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph bidi_mirror Option<char>
Bidi_Paired_Bracket bidi_paired_braclet char
Bidi_Paired_Bracket_Type bidi_paired_bracket_type Option<BidiPairedBracketType>
Case Method Return Type Note
Case_Folding casefold CharIter CharIter is an iterator over a series of chars, and is used because the library makes no use of std and thus cannot dynamically allocate memory.
Case_Ignorable is_case_ignorable bool
Cased is_cased bool
Changes_When_Casefolded changes_when_casefolded bool
Changes_When_Casemapped changes_when_casemapped bool
Changes_When_Lowercased changes_when_lowercased bool
Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded changes_when_casefolded_nfkc bool
Changes_When_Titlecased changes_when_titlecased bool
Changes_When_Uppercased changes_when_uppercased bool
FC_NFKC_Closure (deprecated) casefold_nfkc_closure CharIter
Lowercase is_lowercase bool Again, char shadows this with its own implementation so use the namespace or alias.
Lowercase_Mapping lowercase CharIter
NFKC_Casefold casefold_nfkc CharIter
Other_Lowercase is_lowercase_other bool
Other_Uppercase is_uppercase_other bool
Simple_Case_Folding casefold_simple char
Simple_Lowercase_Mapping lowercase_simple char
Simple_Titlecase_Mapping titlecase_simple char
Simple_Uppercase_Mapping uppercase_simple char
Titlecase_Mapping titlecase CharIter
Uppercase is_uppercase bool Again, char shadows this with its own implementation so use the namespace or alias.
Uppercase_Mapping uppercase CharIter
Normalisation Method Return Type Note
Canonical_Combining_Class canonical_combining_class u8
Composition_Exclusion excluded_from_composition bool
Decomposition_Mapping decomposition_map CharIter
Decomposition_Type decomposition_type Option<DecompositionType>
Expands_On_NFC (deprecated) expands_on_nfc bool
Expands_On_NFD (deprecated) expands_on_nfd bool
Expands_On_NFKC (deprecated) expands_on_nfkc bool
Expands_On_NFKD (deprecated) expands_on_nfkd bool
Full_Composition_Exclusion excluded_from_composition_fully bool
NFC_Quick_Check quick_check_nfc Trilean Returns one of Trilean::True, Trilean::Maybe or Trilean::False
NFD_Quick_Check quick_check_nfd bool
NFKC_Quick_Check quick_check_nfkc Trilean
NFKD_Quick_Check quick_check_nfkd bool
Segmentation Method Return Type Note
Grapheme_Base is_grapheme_base bool
Grapheme_Cluster_Break grapheme_cluster_break GraphemeClusterBreak
Grapheme_Extend is_grapheme_extend bool
Grapheme_Link (deprecated) is_grapheme_link bool
Line_Break linebreak_class Option<LinebreakClass>
Other_Grapheme_Extend is_grapheme_extend_other bool
Sentence_Break sentence_break SentenceBreak
Word_Break word_break WordBreak
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