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descriptionProvide Unicorn emulator with a debug server



# udbserver - Unicorn Emulator Debug Server When you do emulation with [Unicorn Engine](https://www.unicorn-engine.org/), do you want to inspect the inner state during every step? `udbserver` is a plugin for Unicorn, provides a debug server which implements [GDB Remote Serial Protocol](https://sourceware.org/gdb/onlinedocs/gdb/Remote-Protocol.html). You can connect it by a `GDB` client and do debugging as what you do on real program. `udbserver` can be used as a crate by Rust program, but it also provides a C library and bindings for other languages. You can use it inside most Unicorn based projects! ## Features * [x] Registers * [x] Memory * [x] Single Step * [x] Breakpoint * [x] Watchpoint * [ ] Ctrl-C interrupt ## Architectures support * i386 * x86\_64 * ARM * AArch64 * MIPS * PowerPC # Usage ## API `udbserver` only provides one API: ```c void udbserver(void* handle, uint16_t port, uint64_t start_addr); ``` The `handle` should be the raw handle of a Unicorn instance, `port` is the port to be listened, `start_addr` is the address which when Unicorn runs at the debug server will start and wait to be connected. if `start_addr` is provided with `0`, the debug server will start instantly. You can call this API inside a Unicorn hook, so you can integrate `udbserver` inside other Unicorn based project easily. ## Used in Rust You can use `udbserver` as a crate in `Rust`. You can check the [example](examples/server.rs) on how to use it. And you can try it by: ```sh $ cargo run --example server ``` Then you can connect it with a `GDB` client. ## Installation `udbserver` provides a C-compatible set of library, header and pkg-config files, which help you to use it with other languages. To build and install it you need to use [cargo-c](https://crates.io/crates/cargo-c): ```sh $ cargo install cargo-c $ mkdir build $ cargo cinstall --release --prefix=/usr --destdir build $ sudo cp -a build/* / ``` ## Language bindings After install the `udbserver` library, you can use `udbserver` in other languages. You could check the examples on how to use `udbserver` by different languages: * [C](bindings/c) * [Go](bindings/go) * [Java](bindings/java) * [Python](bindings/python)
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