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descriptionRust implementation of USD (placeholder)
Christopher Durham (CAD97)



Universal Scene Description (Rust)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: this crate is very experimental and in development. While it intends to be a pure-Rust alternative to bindings to Pixar's USD, currently it is entirely unfit to be used for that purpose.

  • USD is a high-performance extensible software platform for collaboratively constructing animated 3D scenes, designed to meet the needs of large-scale film and visual effects production.

  • USD provides robust interchange between digital content creation tools with its expanding set of schemas, covering domains like geometry, shading, lighting, and physics.

  • USD’s unique composition features have powerful benefits. For example, composition provides rich and varied ways to combine individual assets into larger assemblies, and enables workflows that let many users collaborate simultaneously without conflict.

For more information, we strongly recommend checking out Pixar's documentation.

usdr, by necessity, follows behind Pixar's USD. Upstream is where developments to the USD schemas and usda, usdc, and usdz formats are done. Additionally, usdr does not aim to provide tools for manipulating USD, such as Hydra; usdr is just concerned with interpreting the file format itself.


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