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descriptionLexing, parsing, validation, and linting for Workflow Description Language (WDL) documents
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Rust crates for working with Workflow Description Language (WDL) documents.
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📚 Getting Started

The wdl family of crates consists of (a) a number of component crates (any crate that is not explicitly wdl) that are developed and versioned independently, and (b) a convenience crate (the wdl crate) that exists to ease syncing compatible component crates versions. Component crates can be enabled using features and are generally re-exported crates without the wdl- (or wdl_) prefix.

This repository contains crates that can be used to work with WDL within your own Rust projects—if you're looking for a command-line tool built on top of these crates instead, you should check out sprocket.

Convenience Crate

Most users should prefer selecting a version of the convenience crate and enabling features as they wish. For example,

cargo add wdl --features grammar

and then

use wdl::grammar;

Component Crate(s)

You are free to include component crates directly. For example,

cargo add wdl_grammar

and then

use wdl_grammar;

Be aware, however, that versions between component crates are explicitly not compatible. In other words, if you choose not to use the convenience crate, it is not simple to derive which crate versions are compatible, and you'll need to manually sync those. We highly recommend using the convenience crate if you intend to use more than one component crate in conjunction.

🖥️ Development

To bootstrap a development environment, please use the following commands.

# Clone the repository
git clone git@github.com:stjude-rust-labs/wdl.git
cd wdl

# Build the crate in release mode
cargo build --release

# List out the examples
cargo run --release --example

🚧️ Tests

Before submitting any pull requests, please make sure the code passes the following checks (from the root directory).

# Run the project's tests.
cargo test --all-features

# Run the tests for the examples.
cargo test --examples --all-features

# Ensure the project doesn't have any linting warnings.
cargo clippy --all-features

# Ensure the project passes `cargo fmt`.
cargo fmt --check

# Ensure the docs build.
cargo doc

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome! Feel free to check issues page.

📝 License

This project is licensed as either Apache 2.0 or MIT at your discretion.

Copyright © 2023-Present St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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