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descriptionA dumping ground for high level safe wrappers over windows-sys.
Andrew Gallant (BurntSushi)




This crate provides a smattering of safe wrappers around various parts of the windows-sys crate.

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Dual-licensed under MIT or the UNLICENSE.



Run cargo add winapi-util to add this dependency to your Cargo.toml file.


This crate was born out of frustration with having to write lots of little ffi utility bindings in a variety of crates in order to get Windows support. Eventually, I started needing to copy & paste a lot of those utility routines. Since they are utility routines, they often don't make sense to expose directly in the crate in which they are defined. Instead of continuing this process, I decided to make a crate instead.

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of "utility" crates like this that don't have a well defined scope, but this is primarily a practical endeavor to make it easier to isolate Windows specific ffi code.

While I don't have a long term vision for this crate, I will welcome additional PRs that add more high level routines/types on an as-needed basis.

WARNING: I am not a Windows developer, so extra review to make sure I've got things right is most appreciated.


This crate was originally born on top of winapi, and thus, it is called winapi-util. As time passed, Microsoft eventually started providing their own official windows and windows-sys crates. As a result, winapi itself got less activity. As the ecosystem moved on to windows-sys, it became clear that winapi-util should too. Thus, its name is now officially historical and not reflective of what it actually does.

Minimum Rust version policy

This crate's minimum supported rustc version is 1.72.0.

The current policy is that the minimum Rust version required to use this crate can be increased in non-breaking version updates. For example, if crate 1.0 requires Rust 1.20.0, then crate 1.0.z for all values of z will also require Rust 1.20.0 or newer. However, crate 1.y for y > 0 may require a newer minimum version of Rust.

In general, this crate will be conservative with respect to the minimum supported version of Rust.

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