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descriptionThe processing and validation logic library of transactions on a Xand blockchain



XAND Ledger

This repo contains the code defining the processing and validation logic of our chain and the transactions that can be performed on it.

It is intentionally light on dependencies, and makes an effort to be reasonably agnostic of the underlying chain implementation (IE: Substrate). The crate should never depend on substrate crates directly, with the exception of the crate required for SCALE encoding, which is technically not a part of substrate, but is used by it.


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This repo uses tags to identify release versions at a repository level consistent with the version specified in Cargo.toml.

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For more info on tagging, see Git docs.

Version 0.1.0: tag "0.1.0"

Note: Git tags are global across branches

Fetch tags from remote:

git fetch --tags

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git tag -l --sort=-creatordate

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git tag -a "0.8.1" -m "Some info about this release"
git push origin --tags

This pushes any un-pushed tags to remote - to push a specific tag, git push origin <tagname>


Please check out the rust docs! You can view them like so:

cargo doc --open


The model module contains struct definitions representing the transactions and their various constituent parts as well as traits defining how chain data is accessed.

The logic for building and validating transactions can be found in transactions

The core crypto logic is in zkplmt (Zero knowledge proof of linear member tuple).

Our actual business logic that defines how a transaction is processed is located in financial_impl -- this is likely to be broken up / changed soon.

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Note: In order for this safeguard to work as intended, this repo's Gitlab settings must: 1) indicate that the protected branch cannot be updated without at least one code-owner's approval and, 2) have the CODEOWNERS setting turned on for MRs/protected branches.

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Note: Code-owners are not automatically notified of an MR requiring their review. Gitlab is aware of the issue but has de-prioritized it.

Adding protected legal text

Add a new subdirectory to src/legal_text/official_text and place the legal text files there.

Adding code-owners

To add code-owner reviewers:

  1. Add the individual's Gitlab user handle to the appropriate definition in the CODEOWNERS file.
  2. Ensure that they have been added to our Transparent Inc. Gitlab project with at least "Developer" privileges.


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